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Yannis Kyriakides — Lunch Music (Mar 15, 2016)

Yannis Kyriakides — Lunch Music (Mar 15, 2016)

 Yannis Kyriakides — Lunch Music (Mar 15, 2016)Yannis Kyriakides — Lunch Music (Mar 15, 2016)√   3 male voices, 3 percussionists, live electronics.
√   Lunch Music by composer Yannis Kyriakides is a set of pieces for voices, percussion and live electronics, inspired by the 1959 book Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs. On this recording the virtuosity of percussionists Slagwerk Den Haag (recently heard on the recording of Michael Gordon’s Timber) and contemporary vocal specialists of Silbersee are embedded in a rich sonic environment of electronics, modulated voices, grinding pulses and hallucinatory noises.
√   The concept of the music revolves around the idea of the polyphony of voices found in Naked Lunch. The effect of one voice speaking through another, of mediumship and possession, is a central musical concept in the piece, and it is manifested in the way the live electronics, controlled by the percussionists modu~lates the voices of the singers and the various fragments of samples heard: from the voice of Burroughs to snippets of 50s pop songs.
√   The piece, originally commissioned by Slagwerk Den Haag, was composed for the dance/music theatre piece of the same name, produced by Club Guy and Roni, Slagwerk Den Haag and Silbersee, that toured The Netherlands in the season 2013/2014 and is touring again in Spring 2016.Born: in Limassol, Cyprus in 1969
Location: Britain ~ Netherlands ~ York University ~ Amsterdam ~ The Hague, Netherlands
Album release: March 15, 2016
Record Label: Unsounds
Duration:     60:35 (10 songs)
01. Smell Down Death     6:20
02. Boy     5:45           
03. Shakin’     4:34       
04. Junk World     7:25
05. Like Replicas     6:39
06. Speed Days     5:26   
07. Sickness & Delirium     3:23   
08. Gut Thoughts     7:19       
09. Zones     8:42          
10. La La La Terminal State     4:54
℗ 2016 Yannis KyriakidesPersonnel:
♦   Steven van Gils (tenor)
♦   Tiemo Wang (baritone)
♦   Maciej Straburzynski (bass~baritone)
♦   Pepe Garcia Rodriguez (percussion)
♦   Enric Monfort (percussion)
♦   Frank Wienk (percussion/laptop)
♦   Yannis Kyriakides (composition/text)
♦   Fedor Teunisse (musical direction)
♦   Romain Bischoff (vocal direction)01. Smell Down Death (7″)
√   tutti voices — stones — bass drum — turntables
02. Spaced I (3″)
√   duo: bass~baritone — bass drum with brush — needle bouncing
03. Boy (5″)
√   tenor solo — autotune~keyboard — turntables — timbila
04. Fats World (7″)
√   tutti voices — small objects duo — turntables elec
05. Shakin (2″)
√   turntable remix of 50s rock n roll song
06. Spaced II (4″)
√   duo: tenor~bass — megaphones — bullroarer — radio
07. Like Replicas (7″)
√   baritone solo — bull roarers
08. Speed Days (6″)
√   tutti voices — timbal — box kit — sampler
09. Delirium (4″)
√   timbila, percussion, electronics
10. Spaced III (4″)
√   duo: tenor — baritone — silent keys — quiet metal
11. Gut Thoughts & Greenfields (7″)
√   bass solo — autotune keyboard — metal percussion and song on vinyl
12. Interzone (8″)
√   tutti voices — telegraph keys and percussion
13. A step further (6″)
√   trio perc and song
14. La la la (5″)
√   tutti voices and elceDescription:
√   Slagwerk Den Haag performs and develops contemporary percussion music in its most diverse forms: from existing repertoire, via a large number of new commissions and collaborations with composers, to researching the furthest limits of organized sound. The artists are highly versatile creators and performers that aim to amaze time after time, in every setting imaginable, exploring the traditional instruments as well as all forms of experimental ones; porcelain, equine jaws, glass or 3D~printed instruments.
√   The New York Times described Slagwerk Den Haag as ‘…dazzling percussion group, similarly combined virtuosity and theatricality…’.
√   Sibersee is an international workspace for singers and composers, which develops and produces new vocal music in combination with stage, dance, film, visual arts and other art forms. Since its foundation in 2002, it has built up a network of soloists, which can be drawn on by orchestras, theatre groups, festivals and opera houses. Recent highlights were presentations of the Machinations by Georges Aperghis during the Operadagen Rotterdam and the Boulevard Festival Den Bosch, as well as Dusapin’s opera Passion in the Holland Festival and Autland by Sergej Newski in the Bochum Ruhrtriennale.
Label: http://unsounds.com/
Website: http://www.kyriakides.com/
Selected works:
♦»   Onierocriticon (2014) interactive score
♦»   Lunch Music (2013) voices, percussion, electronics [80’]
♦»   Words and Song Without Words (2012) cello, electronics, video
♦»   Wavespace (2011) Octet with live electronics [25’]
♦»   Paramyth (2010) violin, clarinet, piano, computer [15’]
♦»   Memoryscape (2010) ensemble, soundtrack, text video [32’] for musikFabrik
♦»   Disco Debris (2010) interactive sound installation
♦»   Satellites (2009) ensemble and soundtrack [50’] for Seattle Chamber Players
♦»   An Ocean of Rain (2008) opera [85’] with Theatre Cryptic for the Aldeburgh Festival
♦»   The Queen Is the Supreme Power in the Realm (2007) ensemble, live electronics, video [45’] with hc Gilje for musikFabrik/Koln Triennale
♦»   Dreams of the Blind (2005) ensemble, soundtrack, text video [33’] for Ensemble MAE
♦»   Escamotage (2005) music theatre [60’] for FNM Staatsoper Stuttgart
♦»   Wordless (2005) sound installation [50’] for Argos Festival
♦»   Slow Wave Sleep (2004) string quartet, trombone quartet and electronics [45’] for Doelen Quartet and New Trombone Collective/ Gaudeamus Festival
♦»   The Buffer Zone (2004) music theatre [60’] for Festival aan de Werf
♦»   Subliminal: The Lucretian Picnic (2003) ensemble, soundtrack, video [35’] for ASKO ensemble / Festival in de Branding
♦»   Lab Fly Dreams (2003) ensemble, electronics, video [20’] with hc Gilje, Icebreaker Ensemble / Orkest de Volharding/ BBC commission
♦»   Spinoza (2002) music theatre [80’] with Paul Koek, ZT Hollandia
♦»   Scape (2001) ensemble, soundtrack, video [75’] with Isabelle Vigier, Joost Rekveld for Orkest de Volharding
♦»   Strobo (2001) 6 amplified glass panes, stroboscopes, electronics [30’]
♦»   a conSPIracy cantata (2000) 2 voices, piano, electronics [45’]
♦»   Four Maggots for viola and double bass (1992)
Selected discography:
♦»   “a conSPIracy cantata” (CD, UNSOUNDS, 01U, 2001)
♦»   “The Thing Like Us”, on Spinoza (CD, UNSOUNDS, 09U, 2003)
♦»   “The Buffer Zone”, audio theatre (CD, UNSOUNDS, 11U, 2005)
♦»   “Wordless”, 12 sound portraits (CD, UNSOUNDS, 13U, 2006)
♦»   “Antichamber”, Double CD of electroacoustic chamber music (UNSOUNDS, 21U, 2010)
♦»   Resorts and Ruins (CD, UNSOUNDS, 33U, 2013)
♦»   Rebetika (with Andy Moor, 2010, CD, Unsounds)
♦»   “Folia” collaboration with guitarist Andy Moor (CD, UNSOUNDS, 19U, 2010)
♦»   A life is a Billion Heartbeats (with Andy Moor, 2014, CD, Unsounds)♦»________________________________________________________♦» 

Yannis Kyriakides — Lunch Music (Mar 15, 2016)





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