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Yowler — The Offer

Yowler — The Offer (March 10, 2015)

United States                                                   Yowler — The Offer
•Φ•   Maryn Jones ví, jak vyždímat své vnitřnosti. Bez ohledu na to, jaké jsou její texty osobní, její dychtivost nás uvádí do extra intimního světa, všechny z jejích písní jsou cítit univerzálním klidem, zároveň zcela v relaci s jejich specifičností. Bez golfových metafor a počíná si dobře.
•Φ•   Debutová kazeta Maryn Jonesové jako "Yowler" je pomalu hořící sbírka plíživé poezie: obrazy rostoucích přílivů, modré vlny a vrstvy ledu strašidelně slouží jako klidné pozadí, na kterém pracuje přes pocity pochybností, touhy, zmatenosti.    •Φ•   {Another song from the All Dogs singer’s solo tape.}
Location: Boston, Massachusetts ~ Columbus, Ohio
Album released: March 10, 2015
Record Label: Double Double Whammy
Duration:     27:38
1 Water     3:23
2 Bedroom Wall     2:57
3 Yowler     3:51
4 Holidays     3:15
5 7 Towers     3:00
6 Belle     3:12
7 In The Bathroom     3:06
8 The Offer     4:54
By Sasha Geffen; March 10, 2015; Score: 8.0
•Φ•   On her first record as Yowler, Maryn Jones stares down all the water she can find. It comes in the usual forms — oceans, river, rain — and the ones we don't consider as often, like tears and spit and nicks of blood. Jones, known for her work at the front of All Dogs and with Saintseneca, uses The Offer to hunt down form inside a looming infinity. She hungers for the human shapes that break up the drones of time, space, and sea.
•Φ•   Jones' dark guitar and gently creased voice form most of the album on their own, but her songs don't feel restricted to a single person. They spill out of themselves, flow into each other, and cohere into a whole, like circuits in a system. •Φ•   When synthesizers or drums or extra voices seep in, they show up as naturally as weather. Jones might be alone, but there are no seams between her and her atmosphere.
•Φ•   There is a song called "Yowler" on The Offer, a name that resists convention — you don't name your project after a song or vice versa unless you're trying to make a point. Here, it fits; on the chorus, Jones sings, "Your hands look just like mine." She's looking across at another human body, amazed at the mirror image she finds, disturbed by the strange kinship. Hands are dense, complex machines, and yet you can hold your own up to someone else's, and most of the time, they'll match. On Soundcloud, the track appears as "Yowler :: Yowler". The mirror is there before you hear the song.
•Φ•   Jones reveals a love of language just in the way she bends it. She chooses and pronounces her words carefully. She'll invert cliches: "You can lead me to the water but you cannot make me drink," she sings on "Yowler". A chorus of low voices swarms her, like a mob about to dunk her in the river, or a hand guiding her away from the bank. "You will not be avoided/ 'Cause your ghost is haunting me."
•Φ•   She sings about drowning on "Holidays", only she calls it gestating. She imagines her body floating beneath a sheet of ice, and she uses a word intended to describe new life. Is there hope in that image, in the idea that dissolving into death is its own kind of birth? "If I return my body to the running black dark... will it be me? Will I see me?" Jones wonders. Does the person break apart when the body does, or is there a different shape you can't see?
•Φ•   "I am nothing/ I am but a shape," Jones sings on "Water". Those two lines seem to contradict each other, and she spends The Offer negotiating the tension between them. The album is a deep, sad comfort, more complex than it first appears, like a pond frozen over and still writhing with life. :: http://pitchfork.com/
:: http://consequenceofsound.net/2015/03/album-review-yowler-the-offer/
:: http://www.imposemagazine.com/bytes/new-music/yowler-the-offer
By James Rettig / February 24, 2015
:: http://www.stereogum.com/1740181/qa-maryn-jones-on-her-new-solo-project-yowler-water-stereogum-premiere/franchises/interview/
Bandcamp: http://marynjones.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marynmaryn

Yowler — The Offer



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