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Built To Spill
Ultimate Alternative Wavers

Built To Spill — Ultimate Alternative Wavers (May 1, 1993)

   Built To Spill — Ultimate Alternative Wavers (May 1, 1993)
Ξ★Ξ   One of the most popular and influential indie rock bands of the 1990s, progressing from sparse lo-fi to sophisticated emo.
Location: Boise, ID
Album release: May 1, 1993
Record Label: C/Z Records
Duration:     58:44
01. The First Song      4:03
02. Three Years Ago Today      3:57
03. Revolution      4:26)
04. Shameful Dread      8:31
05. Nowhere Nothin’ Fuckup      6:35
06. Get A Life      5:54
07. Built To Spill      5:53
08. Lie for a Lie      3:16
09. Hazy      6:43
10. Built Too Long Parts 1, 2 & 3      9:26
AllMusic Review by Mike DaRonco;  Score: ***½
Ξ★Ξ   What a mess — from all the sloppy guitar ramblings to the constant rhythm changes assuming that the rest of the band was barely aware of Doug Martsch’s tempo swings, Ultimate Alternative Wavers is all over the place. But somehow, Built to Spill bounce off each other by using this technique of improvising what direction the sound is going to next. And with this being their first record, it’s almost as if they’re taking a cue from the likes of early Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. when it comes to their more experimental influences. But what keeps it together are Marsch’s soulful but bleak vocals, which make lyrics like “nowhere, nothing, f*ck–up” seem like a pleasant singalong.
Ξ★Ξ   Brett Unknown Contributor Role
Ξ★Ξ   Brett’s TV Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Ac.), Slide Guitar, Tenor (Voc), Vocals (Backnd)
Ξ★Ξ   Built to Spill Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Composer, Engineer, Producer
Ξ★Ξ   Jake Carpenter Violin
Ξ★Ξ   Christ on a Crutch Composer
Ξ★Ξ   Dug Drums (Snare), Guitar, Vocals
Ξ★Ξ   Todd Dunnigan Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Engineer, Guest Artist, Organ, Piano, Producer, Sampled Guitar, Sampling, Synthesizer
Ξ★Ξ   Doug Martsch Bass Instrument, Drums, Guitar, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
Ξ★Ξ   Brett Netson Bass, Bass Instrument, Drums, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Member of Attributed Artist, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Ξ★Ξ   Ralf Bass, Bass Instrument, Cowbell, Drums, Guitar, M. of Attributed Artist

Built To Spill
Ultimate Alternative Wavers


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