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Catherine Feeny Λ America (2012)

Catherine Feeny Λ America (2012)

Catherine Feeny — America
Location: Norristown, Pennsylvania ~ Washington, D.C. ~ Portland, Oregon
Album release: 17 September 2012
Record Label: Tallgrass
Duration:     36:43
01. Police State      (3:07)
02. Fourth of July      (3:40)
03. Marginalized Limb      (3:04)
04. Spill It All Over the Ground      (4:16)
05. United      (6:56)
06. Map of America      (3:24)
07. Bay Ocean      (3:03)
08. Hide You Here      (3:17)
09. Empires Fall      (3:18)
10. The Wall      (2:33)
Website: http://catherinefeeny.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/catherinefeeny
¶  Catherine Feeny (born 1976) is an American singer/songwriter based in Portland, Oregon.
¶  She grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania, studied in Washington, D.C., and finally relocated to Los Angeles, where she started seriously writing her own songs.  Her first album Catherine Feeny was produced by fellow singer/songwriter Joe Purdy and was released in the UK in January 2003. Shortly later, she met producer Sebastian Rogers who then produced her second album: Hurricane Glass, which was released in the UK in June 2006. It includes the single "Mr Blue" which features in the 2006 film Running With Scissors.
¶  For several years she lived in Norwich before moving to Oregon in 2008, where her third album, entitled People in the Hole, is currently in production.
She originally released Hurricane Glass on her own Tallgrass Records before signing to EMI in 2007.  She is published by Warner-Chappell.
¶  She has toured with Hal, Aberfeldy, Martha Wainwright, Dr. John, John Prine, Suzanne Vega, and The Hotel Cafe Tour. She has accompanied Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics on the "Only The Names Have Been Changed" tour.
¶  Feeny says she is influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, The Smiths, Ani Difranco, PJ Harvey, The Cure and Sinéad O'Connor.
¶  Feeny's music has been featured in the film "Running with Scissors," as well as successful television series' "The O.C." and "One Tree Hill." She has toured extensively, supporting the likes of The Indigo Girls, John Prine and Wilco. After signing with EMI UK in 2006, Feeny re-located to Portland,OR to make music independently.
¶  In the fall of 2011, singer-songwriter Catherine Feeny travelled from her home in Oregon to the financial district of New York City to sleep in a small privately-owned public park as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest. She staid for 5 weeks, getting to know some of the other hundreds that were there, sharing ideas, and gaining new understanding. It was a roller coaster -- from the dizzy excitement of communing with thousands of people in Times Square and Washington Square Park, to the frightening confrontation of brute force as she was arrested in Zuccotti Park.
¶  This galvanizing experience inspired Feeny's fourth solo album, "America," due out early this fall. A bold and haunting statement about a nation on a precipice, "America" deftly juxtaposes the fragile beauty of hope with the menace of arrogance and corruption.
¶  Produced by Sebastian Rogers. Engineered by David Etlinger and Sebastian Rogers at Bungalow 9 in Portland, Or. Mixed by Sebastian Rogers at the Magic Closet in Portland, Or, except track 2, mixed by Tony Lash. Mastered by Tony Lash at Mandible.
¶  Matt Carson -- Upright bass, Electric bass, Banjo, Additional percussion on tracks 2, 6 & 9, Hammond pedals on track 8
¶  Nate Crockett -- Violin, Viola, Trombone, Banjo on tracks 4 & 5, Electric bass on track 6, Hammond organ and Mandolin on track 2, Beatbox on track 9
¶  Daniel Dixon -- Electric guitar, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Drum machine, Auto harp, Glockenspiel, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer organ, Backing vocals on tracks 7 & 8
¶  Caleb "Josh Machine" Heinz -- Electric bass on track 5.
¶  Andrew Stonestreet -- Backing vocals on tracks 2, 3 and 4, Piano on track 9
¶  Sebastian Rogers -- Acoustic guitar, Electric bass on track 2, Backing vocals on track 6, 7 & 8
¶  Catherine Feeny -- Vocals, Ukelele, Hammond organ on track 4
¶  Songs written by Catherine Feeny, Year of the Rabbit (ASCAP), except track 2, written by Catherine Feeny and Sebastian Rogers, track 3, written by Catherine Feeny and Daniel Dixon, and track 10 written by Anais Mitchell, Candid Music Publishing. Strings arranged by Nate Crockett.
¶  Cover photo by Ashley Gilbertson. Inside photo by Parker Fitzgerald. Album design by Ashley Marcu.
¶  Prodigious thanks to: Ted Feeny, Julie Upward, Lee Pittmon, Teri McKenzie, Jena Lassiter, Matthew & Lisa Tamura, Steve Forster, Peg & Bill, Norah & Rodney, Dawn & Dave, Chris & Penny, Emma & Matt, Sarah Mente, our friends at Union Seminary, Buck Bin Nasty, Booker, Jeanette Trexler, Tyree, Pete & Deanna, William & Kat, Donald & Renata, Van & Sylvia, Josh Butler, Josh Swann@Paradigm, Lauren Ross and Terrorbird, Ian hudson@Dreams Music, Myriam Boone, Fred Marechal, Pieter Brabant, Anna Blair, Elizabeth Connors, Nate Grubbs, Dan Eberly, Danny O'Hanlon, Ian Watts, Chris Hermsen, Sean Gregor, Chris Johnedis, Sam Adams, Alex Bone, Robbie LeBlanc, Tom McRae, Ciro Romano, Ashley Marcu, Ashley Gilbertson, Parker Fitzgerald, Tony Lash, and the beauties who recorded this album with me: David, Josh, Daniel, Nate, Andrew, Matt and my husband Sebastian (whose imagination, enthusiasm and dedication are profound). To Eve Ensler, Chris Hedges, Michael Moore, Cornell West, Naomi Klein and Riverside Church, thanks for the courage. And finally, love and gratitude to all who have shared friendship, inspiration, humor and support, not least, the many who offered kindness while we were at Occupy Wall Street.
Bandcamp: http://catherinefeeny.bandcamp.com/
¶  "America" by Catherine Feeny is an indie-pop singer songwriter album.
The sound production within the album is very high, guitars strum along in march anthems, electronic distortion pumps in and out, songs are catchy and yet they move traditionally at times, creating epic pieces that fall into chants and building chorus lines.
¶  Thematically Feeny states her influence stems from personal experiences with her involvement with the Occupy Wall St. protests in Zuccotti Park in New York City, during which she was arrested.
¶  Feeny paints with the paintbrush of revolution, songs are uplifting and unifying; not despite of but because of the fragile country they sing about... she seems to hint on an underlying human spirit that is greater than all of the greed and corruption she has witnessed.
¶  "America" by Catherine Feeny is an interesting and worthwhile listen, that sometimes finds it's strengths in the personal more than the political. The album is available at her Bandcamp page.
Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/review/catherine-feeny-america-2012        //  Discography: Albums:
2003: Catherine Feeny
2006: Hurricane Glass
2009: People in the Hole
2012: America
2008: Empty Buildings
2006: "Hurricane Glass"
2007: "Mr. Blue"
2007: "Touch Back Down"

photo by robbie leblanc http//www.flickr.com/photos/robbieleblanc/    Catherine © Robbie Leblanc

Courtesy of Aexandra Bone www.alexandrabone.co.uk    Catherine  Courtesy of Aexandra Bone www.alexandrabone.co.uk    Catherine  © Alexandra BoneCourtesy of John Engel    Catherine  © John Engel

Catherine Feeny Λ America (2012)



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