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Beach Fossils Clash The Truth (2013)

 Beach Fossils — Clash The Truth (2013)

Beach Fossils — Clash The Truth
Location: Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.
Album release: February 19, 2013
Record Label: Captured Tracks
Duration:     35:26
01. Clash The Truth     (2:03)
02. Generational Synthetic     (2:45)
03. Sleep Apnea     (2:26)
04. Careless     (3:03)
05. Modern Holiday     (1:22)
06. Taking Off     (3:09)
07. Shallow     (3:18)
08. Burn You Down     (2:58)
09. Birthday     (2:53)
10. In Vertigo     (3:20)
11. Brighter     (0:33)
12. Caustic Cross     (2:41)
13. Ascension     (1:30)
14. Crashed Out     (3:25)
Peter Campus |  Images
Katie Garcia |  Vocals
Tommy Gardner |  Composer, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Wurlitzer
Ben Greenberg |  Guitar, Mixing, Producer
Joe Lambert |  Mastering
Kazu Makino |  Featured Artist, Vocals
Ryan McCardle |  Layout
Dustin Payseur |  Art Direction, Composer, Mixing, Producer
Mike Sniper |  Art Direction
Jack Tatum |  Composer

Genre: Indie, pop rock, rock
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/beachfossils
| Editorial Reviews | Amazon.com |:
¶  "With a full time drummer (and co-writer of two tracks on the LP) Beach Fossils entered the studio in the fall of 2012 with producer Ben Greenberg of The Men. Instead of merely going from a "bedroom DiY" project to a "better fidelity studio project" the deliberate decision to work with Ben was determined to capture, if not in style, the spirit and enthusiasm of punk and aggressive music in general. To ensure that dynamic, the drums were recorded live in a room with Dustin on bass to give the album a driving and energetic force. Consider the titles "Generational Synthetic, " "Caustic Cross" and "Burn You Down, " it s easy to see how the record, while not a punk or post-punk record by strict definition, certainly nods to the first major influence of Dustin s creative spark. The first two notes of the title track that kick the LP off are a clear indicator of where his head was at.The LP also sees Dustin stretching his songwriting muscles, with the acoustic Lennon-esque "Sleep Apnea" and the dreamy "In Vertigo, " which features the vocals of Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead). During the recording period, the studio was flooded and destroyed by hurricane Sandy and the band had to relocate to another studio to finish the LP in earnest. It all came together when the work of legendary video artist Peter Campus was finalized to be featured throughout the release and on the striking cover. Clash the Truth marks a clear progression in the ongoing story of Beach Fossils. Drawing from the previous works melodic strengths and uncanny guitar textures emboldened by a sound closer to their energetic and cathartic live set, it's the clear next step in the trajectory of the band and the dis-association from the home-recording boom from which it originated."
Un second album pour le groupe de Brooklyn présenté par la presse comme la relève du rock newyorkais  que je trouve un peu décevant...
words by RAJ DAYAL | (http://prettymuchamazing.com)
¶  Beach Fossils quickly gained momentum in the Brooklyn dream-pop scene in 2009 with Payseur’s, self-released and self-titled album, where he was responsible for all of the instruments. With the blogosphere buzzing, Payseur, who has played with many different musicians in the last few years to create the band, signed with Brooklyn-based Captured Tracks, to record an EP, What a Pleasure, in 2011. So in the span of three years the relatively young band has amassed a quiet following and has begun the process of distinguishing their music from the litany of lo-fi, dream pop, shoegazing Brooklyn-based bands.
¶  While a good deal of what’s heard on Clash the Truth can be compared to offerings from labelmates Wild Nothing and DIIV, Payseur’s music offers a novel approach to this style. Payseur used to play in punk bands, and while Beach Fossils seem to fit in nicely with other rooftop party bands in the musically-conscious borough, at the core of the band’s hazy fuzzed out vocals and circular song structures lies a beating punk rock heart.
¶  Take for instance the standout track, “Shallow.” The guitar lines are bright and purposefully carry the melody along. However, this cheerful sound serves as the foundation for forlorn lyricism, “And when I say, I go away and I can’t stay/ I know I’m done, I’m done/ And when you say stay awake and roll away/ I know it’s done, so done.” And even though this is rendered in a lo-fi treatment, it begs for the volume to be turned up where the punk infrastructure is recognizable.
¶  This doesn’t come as a surprise since Ben Greenberg of The Men lends his production skills to the album. Another notable guest appearance is Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino, who sings on another album highlight, “In Vertigo.” Makino’s recognizable vocals juxtaposed with Payeur’s delicate mumbling create a nice counterbalance.
¶  What’s interesting here is that while the band formerly resided in the mind and talent of a single performer, outstanding musicianship can be heard throughout this album. The effect is to showcase a band that, while still at home in its dream-pop sensibilities, is outgrowing the rooftop party scene. Beach Fossils have delivered an album of shimmering guitars and an ebulliently bouncy rhythm that is simply a beautiful listen. Rating: [B+]
By Paula Mejia | on February 21st, 2013; Rating: ***½ (http://consequenceofsound.net)
By Ian Cohen |; February 18, 2013; Rating: 5.8 (http://pitchfork.com)
¶  "... Or, as Iceage put it, "Where are your morals?" On "Generational Synthetic", Beach Fossils get on a soapbox without taking a stand, and it's the most damning example of the mixed messages that pervade Clash the Truth-- as the cliché goes, be the change you want to see in the world."
By Mack Hayden |, February 19, 2013
¶  "There’s evolution in their stride but the main difficulty in listening to this record is the constant query of whether they’ve evolved in the right direction." (www.relevantmagazine.com
By Tim Sendra |; (http://www.allmusic.com Rating: ****
By Marc Hirsh |  Globe Correspondent     February 18, 2013
By Charlie Holt | on 14 February 2013; Rating: 5.9 (http://www.bowlegsmusic.com)
By LIZ PELLY  |  February 20, 2013, The Boston Phoenix; Rating: ***½
By Danny De Maio |, posted on February 22nd, 2013
By Dom Gourlay |, Rating: 8/10

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Beach Fossils Clash The Truth (2013)



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