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Carrie Newcomer — Kindred Spirits: A Collection (2012)

 Carrie Newcomer — Kindred Spirits: A Collection (2012)

Carrie Newcomer — Kindred Spirits: A Collection
Born: Dowagiac, Michigan, United States
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Album release: November 13, 2012
Record Label: Rounder Records
Duration:     79:02
01. The Speed Of Soul     4:26
02. I Believe (featuring Ayaan Ali Khan)     4:36
03. Breathe In Breathe Out (featuring Amjad Ali Khan)     5:01
04. There Is a Tree     4:30
05. Geodes     3:25
06. The Gathering of Spirits (Feat. Alison Krauss)     3:42
07. Sparrow (Live)     2:24
08. I Do Not Know Its Name     4:39
09. Before and After (Feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter)     4:34
10. Betty's Diner (Remix; Feat. Krista Detor)     4:39
11. Where You Been     4:37
12. Angels Unaware     4:26
13. Two Toasts     2:23
14. Holy as a Day is Spent     3:11
15. If Not Now     3:46
16. My True Name     3:35
17. A Whole Lot of Hope     3:22
18. A Long Christmas Dinner (feat. Krista Detor)     4:37
19. Bare To The Bone     3:28
20. All Through The Night     3:39
Carrie Newcomer – vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo
Mary Chapin Carpenter – vocal harmony on track 9
Alison Krauss – vocal harmony on track 6
Krista Detor – vocal harmony on tracks 10, 18
David Weber – vocal harmony on tracks 12, 18
Jim Brock – drums and percussion on tracks 2-6, 8, 9, 11, 15
Dane Clark – drums and percussion on tracks 1, 10, 12
Byron House – upright bass on tracks 8, 9, 15
Steve Mascari – upright bass on tracks 1, 2, 3
Jeff Hedback – electric and upright bass on tracks 4, 6, 10, 11, 12
Keith Skooglund – acoustic and electric guitars on tracks 1, 4, 6, 8-12, 15
Gary Walters – piano, Wurlitzer piano, field organ on tracks 1-5, 8, 9, 10-13, 15
Slats Klug – piano on track 16
Dan Lodge-Rigal – piano on track 7
Winton Reynolds – Piano on tracks 6, 14
Michael Lewis – guitar, keyboard on track 17
Chris Wagoner – violin, viola, lap steel guitar, Dobro, mandolin, vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4-6, 8-15, 18
Mary Gaines – cello, bass, vocals on tracks
Art direction and design by Hugh Syme
Portrait photography by Jim Krause
Booking – TG2, Mike Green Artists – www.tg2artists.com
Management & legal representation – Meitus, Gelbert & Rose LLP, Robert Meitus – www.mgrfirm.com
Executive producers for collection – Carrie Newcomer and Robert Meitus
Carrie Newcomer is a Taylor Guitars artist: Tracks 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 18
Produced by David Weber and Carrie Newcomer
Engineered by David Weber and Chip Reardon
Mixed by David Weber
Recorded and mixed at Airtime Recording Studio, Bloomington, IN; Tracks 4, 5, 7, 10-13, 19
Produced by David Weber and Carrie Newcomer
Engineered by David Weber
Recorded and mixed at Airtime Recording Studio, Bloomington, IN; Tracks 6, 14
Produced by Mark Williams and Carrie Newcomer
Engineered by David Weber
Recorded at Airtime Recording Studio, Bloomington, IN
Mixed by Mark Williams at Ocean Way Recording Studio, Nashville, TN; Track 16
Produced by Mark Williams and Carrie Newcomer
Engineered by Mike Stucker at Echo Park Recording Studio, Bloomington, IN
Mixed by Mark Williams at Ocean Way Recording Studio, Nashville, TN; Track 1
Produced by Robert Meitus and Carrie Newcomer
Engineered by Chip Reardon
Mixed by David Weber
Recorded and mixed at Airtime Recording Studio, Bloomington, IN; Track 17
Engineered and produced by Richard Thomas
Recorded and Mixed at Zounds Studio, West Lafayette, IN
Mastered by Paul Blakemore at CMG Mastering, Cleveland, OH
¶  On November 13, 2012, Rounder Records will release a new compilation of Carrie Newcomer s music entitled Kindred Spirits - A Collection. This collection of 19 songs draws from Newcomer s catalog of 12 Rounder Records releases. It also includes two previously unreleased songs, two songs from her special hunger benefit project (Everything Is Everywhere) featuring Indian classical sarod masters Amjad Ali Khan and Ayaan Ali Khan, as well as two currently unavailable live recordings. (Amazon.com)
Website: http://www.carrienewcomer.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/carrienewcomer
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CarrieNewcomerCarrie Newcomer; Photo credits: Jim McGuire
¶  In November 2012 Rounder Records released a new compilation of Carrie Newcomer music entitled Kindred Spirits: A Collection. This generous collection of 19 songs draws from Newcomer's catalogue of 12 Rounder Records releases. It also includes two previously unreleased songs, two songs from her special hunger benefit project (Everything is Everywhere) featuring Indian classical sarod masters Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan, as well as two currently unavailable live recordings.
¶  Carrie Newcomer's music has always explored the intersection of the spiritual and the daily, the sacred and the ordinary. Over the course of her career she has become a prominent voice for progressive spirituality, social justice and interfaith dialogue. Her ability for sharp observation of the world lead the Dallas Morning News to rave, "She's the kind of artist whose music makes you stop, think and then say, 'that is so true.'" She has been described as "a soaring songstress" by Billboard, a "prairie mystic" by the Boston Globe and Rolling Stone has declared that Newcomer "asks all the right questions." Author Barbara Kingsolver wrote, "She's a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace."
¶  The two new songs, "The Speed of Soul" and "A Long Christmas Dinner" were recorded and produced by Newcomer, Robert Meitus and David Weber at Airtime Studios. "The Speed of Soul" is a poignant exploration of a more deliberate relationship to time in an increasingly fast-paced culture. "A Long Christmas Dinner" creates a portrait of life and family as part of an ongoing continuum. In the songs "I Believe," "Geodes" and "Holy as a Day is Spent," Newcomer quietly and beautifully describes the presence of something extraordinary in the midst of our ordinary days. She sings, "God walks around in muddy boots, sometimes rags and that's the truth" and "Folding sheets like folding hands, to pray as only laundry can." "Before and After" explores the large and small experiences by which we mark our lives through a haunting duet with Mary Chapin Carpenter, resulting in a remarkable combination of two of acoustic music's most rich and resonant females. "The Gathering of Spirits," featuring Alison Krauss, is a clear voiced and crystalline celebration of this twinkling moment in time we call life. "Betty's Diner" is a hymn to the human condition and the presence of grace in something as small as a shared meal or cup of coffee - "Here we are all in one place, the wants and wounds of the human race. . .let her fill your cup with something kind, eggs and toast like bread and wine." Also included are the spiritual and tender "Sparrow" and the wry and raucous "Where You Been." The sensual "I Do Not Know Its Name" describes poetically and lyrically the sacred we experience, but that which cannot be named. Reaching into her early work, "A Whole Lot of Hope," "Bare to the Bone" and "My True Name" are beautiful snapshots of what has always been present in Newcomer's songwriting and has only deepened and expanded with each recording.
¶  The result is a resonant soundtrack for a world that is both sacred and ordinary, reflective and forward thinking.
¶  "I am one of a growing number of people who don't want to put the sacred in such a small container." — Carrie Newcomer
¶  "I love Carrie Newcomer. She writes and sings about what is most personal to her and in doing so she speaks to the wider world. Her new cd, “The Geography of Light” is full of gorgeous arrangements that frame her soulful vocals, and the song “Geodes” will make you catch your breath with its wisdom and beauty..." — Mary Chapin Carpenter
Review by Kim Ruehl for FolkAlley.com
¶  Album titles can be a funny thing. Sometimes artists go for something cryptic or pull a lyric from the center of one of the songs on the disc - a sentiment which seems to sum it up, but only if you listen closely. For her latest release, though, Carrie Newcomer has chosen to cut straight to the heart of the reason she makes music at all.
¶  "When a song places its finger on the open palm of something true," she says, "it shakes the world just a little bit. Why would I want to do anything else as a writer, or as a person? Part of my work as a writer is to put into language and music moments of wonder that have no words."
¶  Kindred Spirits: A Collection delves into the nuances of human commonality. It's a spiritual album, to be sure, but without all the high-fallutin' gospel praise anthems which tie together so many other spiritually-focused recordings. These songs speak for the depth of humanity which transcends anyone's definition of "holy" or "secular"...or any other word, for that matter.
¶  These are songs not about some unseen spiritual force in the air, but that which resides in each person, which moves each of us in the work we do. These are songs of the common bond between my spirit and yours, those between neighbors and others who may agree or disagree, as we all strive to improve the world around us.
¶  On "I Believe," for example, she sings, "I don't know a single soul who didn't get lost along the way." Indeed, finding one's self lost at one time or another is a universal human experience. The gumption we tap to find our way out is the spirit to which she attributes awakening.
¶  On Kindred Spirits, Newcomer enlists the assistance of some like-minded friends - Krista Detor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Ayaan Ali Khan - and includes a pair of brand new songs to please long-time fans. Take a listen for yourself, and be reminded that spirit is neither political nor divisive; but, rather, like music, is something which can keep us together.

Life during her professional career:
¶  She is married to Robert Shannon Meitus, an entertainment and intellectual property lawyer. When she met him he was a guitar player and songwriter in the band Dorkestra. She has a daughter, Amelia Newcomer Aldred. Newcomer's musical development, approach and themes have been influenced by her evolution in spiritual, philosophical and humanitarian areas and endeavors.
With Stone Soup:
1984 Long Fields - Windchime RC-101/S
1987 October Nights - Windchime RC-102
1991 Visions and Dreams - Philo PH 1193 [1995 reissue]
1994 An Angel At My Shoulder - Philo PH 1163
1995 The Bird or the Wing - Philo PH 1183
1996 My Father's Only Son - Philo PH 1203
1998 My True Name - Philo PH 1223
1999 Bare to the Bone [Live] - Philo CD 9901
2000 The Age of Possibility - Philo PH 1226
2002 The Gathering of Spirits - Philo PH 1243
2004 Betty's Diner: The Best of Carrie Newcomer - Philo PH 1245
2005 Regulars and Refugees - Philo PH 1247
2008 The Geography of Light - Philo PH 1253
2010 Before & After" - Philo PH 1259
2011 Everything Is Everywhere Available Light Records AL 1001
2012 Kindred Spirits: A collection Scheduled for release November, 2012
1993 Shelter: The Best Of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters Putumayo Presents Series
1996 One More Song:An Album For Club Passim Rounder Records
1998 Kerrville Folk Festival: 25th Anniversary
2001 Rounder Records: Celebrating 30 Colorful Years [Compilation, Limited Edition]
2002 The Singer Songwriter Collection Rounder Records
2003 Song Mania (More Songs About Love and Despair)
2007 Wilderness Plots Rosehill Records
2008 Kyser Klassics (Partial Capo)
2005 A Festival of Friends WFYI Public Broadcast
2006 Bernice Johnson Reagon/Holly Near/Carrie Newcomer : Light of Change DVD
2008 Wilderness Plots Songs and Stories of the Prairie

Carrie Newcomer — Kindred Spirits: A Collection (2012)




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