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Colosseum — The Grass Is Greener (reissue)

Colosseum — The Grass Is Greener (1970, reissue 2011)

     Colosseum — The Grass Is Greener (1970, reissue 2011)
°   Brief but influential band that pioneered a progressive form of jazz–rock, with unusual chord progressions and variant song structures.
Location: Great Britain
Genre: Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock
Album release: January 1970
Recorded: Summer/Winter 1969
Record Label: Dunhill / Talking Elephant Records #TECD181
Duration:     55:34    
01. Jumping Off The Sun      3:37
02. Lost Angeles      5:32
03. Elegy      3:12
04. Butty’s Blues      6:44
05. Rope Ladder To The Moon      3:43
06. Bolero      5:28
07. The Machine Demands A Sacrifice      3:52
08. The Grass Is Greener      7:39
09. Lost Angeles (Bonus Track — Live)      15:47
Written by:
♦   Mike Taylor, Tomlin     1
♦   Dave Greenslade / Dick Heckstall~Smith     2
♦   James Litherland     3, 4
♦   Pete Brown, Jack Bruce     5
♦   Maurice Ravel     6
♦   Brown, Jon Hiseman, Litherland     7
♦   Dick Heckstall~Smith / Jon Hiseman     8
•   Dave Greenslade — Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
•   Dick Heckstall~Smith — Saxophone
•   Jon Hiseman — Drums
•   Dave “Clem” Clempson — Guitar, Vocals
•   Tony Reeves — Bass
•   James Litherland — Vocals (on “Elegy”)
•  Adam Baruch Liner Notes
•  Gerry Bron Producer
•  Tony Reeves     Producer
AllMusic Review by Jim Newsom;  Score: ***½
°   The second album from this British jazz–rock quintet rocks harder than their first outing. Their take on Jack Bruce’s “Rope Ladder to the Moon” is especially strong, and “Jumping off the Sun” has a similar feel. “Bolero” has been done to death, but guitarist Dave Clempson (who later replaced Peter Frampton in Humble Pie) uses it to launch a showcase of guitar fireworks. In fact, Clempson’s blazing guitar licks shine throughout. Dick Heckstall–Smith once again impresses on his arsenal of saxophones and woodwinds, and the seven–and–a–half minute title cut which he co–wrote with drummer Jon Hiseman is a highlight of this disc.
Jon Hiseman: http://www.temple-music.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Colosseum.Band

Colosseum — The Grass Is Greener (reissue)