Elizabeth & The Catapult — „Sincerely, E“ (March 5, 2021)USA FLAG                                                                           Elizabeth & The Catapult — „Sincerely, E“ (March 5, 2021)
♣•♣  A Sonic Step Forward for Ziman.
♣•♣  Indie pop trio with NYC downtown vibe, led by seductive songwriting chanteuse Elizabeth Ziman.
Birth name: Elizabeth Ziman
Formed: 2004 in Brooklyn, NY
Similar artists: Inara George, Sara Bareilles, Laura Nyro, Ingrid Michaelson, Aimee Mann, Joni Mitchell, Christina Perry, Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy
Influenced by: Aimee Mann, Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, 10,000 Maniacs, Alana Davis, Carpenters, Elysian Fields, Morcheeba, Patti Rothberg, Poe, Stevie Wonder, Swing Out Sister, Talking Heads, Wild Strawberries
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Album release: March 5, 2021
Record Label: Compass Records
Duration:     51:01
01. Birds And The Bees   4:41
02. Pop The Placebo   4:10
03. The Muse   3:28
04. Thirsty   3:44
05. Together, Alone   5:01
06. Sweet Chariot   4:21
07. Sha~La~La (feat. Adam Minkoff)   3:28
08. This Rose Comes To Life   3:23
09. Apocalypse In A Major   4:29
10. The Stranger   4:09
11. Hope, My Sometimes Friend   4:52
12. Love Always Wins   5:15Elizabeth & The Catapult ©Photo by Seth Caplan
♣•♣  Hi! It’s Elizabeth of Elizabeth and the Catapult and I wanted to invite you into my living room — not for a weekly online concert in what many already know is one of my most sacred and intimate spaces. I’m inviting you into my living room to be part of a new project. I’ve written and produced an album, an expressive letter to music listeners and lovers in a most confusing and emotional year, which I’ve titled sincerely, e.
♣•♣  This collection of songs is unlike any other Elizabeth and the Catapult album. For the first time, it’s primarily just me, at a piano or with a guitar, playing and singing to you. The collection of songs was born out of a need during this year’s pandemic shut down, an experience felt by so many across the world, to cope with the breakdown of communication. For the first few months of isolation, I couldn’t write or record anything at all; I was in a state of shock as I oscillated between intense feelings of freedom and deep, dark loneliness. This past summer, as New York began to awaken from the longest slumber it has had in my lifetime, I suddenly felt a glimmer of hope. This jolt of inspiration pushed me to start writing, rewriting and recording. Half of the songs on sincerely, e were recorded in this one weekend.
♣•♣  Sincerely, e was conceived of and recorded in my living room as a way to try and reach beyond the isolated bubble of my home to connect with others. It was also a personal reckoning with solitude, helping me explore new layers of myself. This juxtaposition — the anxiety of loneliness coupled with over stimulation, chaos and the urgency of numerous global crises converging — is present in so much of my writing as I grappled with connection and existence. We were all (and still are) feeling our way through being “together, alone” — a song which serves as the north star of this album.
♣•♣  Tracks like “birds and the bees” and “pop the placebo” explore macro~issues like the environment, the pandemic and the wellness industry and other songs like “the stranger”, “the muse” and “thirsty” dig into the micro~emotional complexities of intimacy and identity. Narrative vignettes, of people searching to make sense of their lives, course through the lyrics of “the rose comes to life” and “sha~la~la”. “apocalypse in A major” imagines the world actually coming to an end and “sweet chariot” is a lullaby written to an unborn child.
♣•♣  “Hope my sometimes friend” is a heart wrenching ode to finding hope in the dark — “my old my pal where have you been / luck is not enough when the wolves dig in” — a theme that binds this collection of songs together: the songwriting and song~sharing process is the salve that though “my heart is black and blue / don’t give up on me / and I won’t give up on you”
♣•♣  Ultimately, this album is truly my love letter to you — for folks who can’t look away from the issues facing humanity and for folks who need an escape into the depths of our shared humanity.
♣•♣  I hope you can join me on this journey to release this album. From my living room to yours, “love always wins”.
♣•♣  sincerely, e
♣•♣  Years of performing in New York City clubs and touring internationally have honed a natural ability that brings Elizabeth Ziman’s colorful imagination, smart lyrics and catchy melodies to life — a testament to why this singer~songwriter, who performs as Elizabeth and the Catapult, can’t stop collaborating — most recently with Sara Bareilles on Apple TV’s Little Voice and Paul Brill on award~winning documentaries.
♣•♣  Elizabeth and the Catapult’s fifth studio album was born out of a need during the pandemic shut down to cope with the breakdown of communication, an experience felt by so many across the world. sincerely, e is a comforting salve to soothe and nourish listeners after a most confusing and emotional year.
♣•♣  Sincerely, e showcases two sides of the same EATC coin: thoughtfully peppered through the album are intimate, live, solo~piano songs that tremble, raw, with the intimacy of their making; the other half, songs that required a larger sound, fully display Ziman’s film scoring and composition talents. Producing tracks from her home provided new opportunities to work remotely with talented friends and the decision to explore rhythm without percussion, proved to be a constraint that enabled her lyrics to properly breathe. With the desire to connect at the core of this collection of songs, lush background vocals prominently express sincerely, e’s “together, (but) alone” sound — a symptom and product of the time in which she, and we, find ourselves.
Label: http://compassrecords.com/artist/elizabeth-and-the-catapult/
WEB: https://elizabethandthecatapult.com/music
TW: https://twitter.com/thecatapult
FB: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethandthecatapult
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/thecatapult/

Elizabeth & the Catapult Finds Inspiration in Subway for ‘Happy Pop’
A teď se podívejme na jedno album o 7 let zpět:
By Eric R. Danton
Updated Oct. 27, 2014 11:15 am ET
When Elizabeth & the Catapult got dropped by Verve Records a few years ago, piano~playing frontwoman Elizabeth Ziman dealt with the setback by teaching herself to play guitar, busking in New York City subway stations for practice. That’s where she wrote “Happy Pop,” a song from her latest, independently released album. Speakeasy today premieres the video for the song.
The animated clip makes a motif out of a set of beamed eighth notes pulsing in time to the music, in scenes with a rabbit, a pair of disembodied hands pantomiming playing piano, a girl in a red dress exclaiming and more. The video is the work of Michael Arthur, the in~house illustrator for the music venue Joe’s Pub in New York and a friend of Ziman’s. Arthur has said he was inspired by iconic cartoon images such as Kermit the Frog or Charlie Brown.
“There is kind of a Peanuts inspiration for the video,” Ziman says, noting that the rabbit is based on her own pet, who often appears in videos she posts on Facebook. “My bunny Oslo is always in the background, so Michael Arthur, he incorporated the bunny kind of as my sidekick as a Snoopy~esque character in the video.”
Ziman wrote “Happy Pop” in the Church Avenue subway station in the Little India section of Brooklyn, her regular busking spot. “I didn’t really make a lot of money,” she says. “It’s mostly older Indian women. Once in a while, when I was playing more upbeat, poppy songs, they would bless me, which was really cool.”
Those blessings got Ziman reflecting on her music and her career. “When I was writing the song, I was thinking, ‘Why do I write these songs? Who do I write them for, when I try to write an upbeat song? Do I write them for myself, do I write them for these women?’”