Martin Barre — „Live At The Factory Underground“ (Feb. 14, 2019) Independent Label Services, Inc.

UK FLAG                                                         Martin Barre — „Live At The Factory Underground“ (Feb. 14th, 2019)
♦   Bývalý kytarista Jethro Tull Martin Barre oslavuje své 50. výročí členství v Jethro Tull oznámením vlastního vydání dvojitého CD 50 Years Of Jethro Tull na 6. listopadu 2020 prostřednictvím Store For Music. Obsahuje 13+15 kompozic
Toto album je osobní a odhalující sbírkou živých i studiových skladeb, pečlivě vybraných samotným Martinem Barrem, které podle něj ilustruje a osvětluje jeho práci s Tullem během neuvěřitelného půlstoletí. Album bude obsahovat čtyři bonusové skladby, dříve nedostupné, které byly nahrány v The Wildey Theatre v Illinois v květnu 2019. „Takže… konečně jsme dorazili do roku 50!“ říká Barre. „Je to důležité? Ano, samozřejmě a musí být oslavováno s náležitou péčí a vůdčí myšlenkou, proto toto dvojité CD, které představuje některé z mých oblíbených skladeb, plus čtyři bonusové skladby. Osobně ... těším se na rok 51 a další !! S velkou poklonou historii tedy vezmu kytaru na cestu a budu pokračovat v milostném vztahu! Doufám, že se ke mě přidáte! Děkuji!“
♦   Barre jednou řekl, že se snažil neposlouchat jiné kytaristy, aby ho neovlivňovali. Řekl, že nikdy nebral lekce kytary, aby nezněl jako ostatní hráči. Ovšem přece jen jeden kytarista, kterého chválil a uznal jeho vliv, je Leslie West z americké kapely Mountain. Recenzenti občas označovali zvuk Martina Barreho za „záludný“ a „komplikovaný“, přičemž zdůrazňovali jeho schopnost komponovat melodie místo pouhého sóla. Ve druhém týdnu srpna 2019 se Barre znovu objevil na Fairport’s Cropredy Convention. To je každoroční festival folkové a rockové hudby v čele s britskou folk~rockovou kapelou Fairport Convention, konanou na okraji vesnice Cropredy v anglickém Oxfordshire. Koná se od roku 1976. Když se Ian Anderson v roce 2017 znovu setkal s Jethro Tull na jejich 50. výročí, Barre nebyl požádán o návrat.  1200 x 800 Martin Barre ©Alex von Kleydorff (17).png Birth name: Martin Lancelot Barre
Born: 17 November 1946, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Genres: Progressive rock, folk rock, hard rock
Location: UK
Album release: February 14, 2019
Record Label: Factory Underground Records
Duration:     56:02
01. Minstrel In The Gallery   5:50
02. Back To Steel   4:32
03. Can’t Find My Way Home   4:08
04. Peace And Quiet   4:23
05. I’m A Bad Man   3:43
06. Fat Man   3:37
07. Crossroads   4:00
08. Love Story   4:21
09. As Told By   5:50
10. A Winter Snowscape   1:55
11. Spanish Tears   3:35
12. Locomotive Breath   4:22
13. Aqualung   5:46
Written by:
Ian Scott Anderson, Martin Barre   1, 4, 5, 9, 10
Martin Barre   2, 11
Steve Winwood   3
Ian Scott Anderson   6, 8
Robert Johnson   7
Ian Anderson   12
Ian Scott Anderson, Jennifer Price   13
Recorded Live at The Factory Underground Studio — Norwalk, CT — October 17, 2016
6 Panel Full Colour Digipak — Colour CD Label — 16 Page Full Colour Booklet
Specially Commemorated Artwork from Legendary Classic Rock Artist IoannisMartin Barre ©Alex von Kleydorff (1)Credits:
Dan Crisp: Vocals
Alan Thomson: Bass
David Schoepke: Drums [Drummer]
George Lindsay: Drums, Percussion 
Martin Barre: Lead Guitar 
Paul Nelson: Liner Notes, Producer
John Shyloski: Photography [Band Photos]
Billy Gardella, Tom Stewart: Engineer [Audio] 
Dan Monaghan, Sam Walsh: Engineer [Live]
Ethan Isaac: Producer
Marc Alan: Producer, Engineer [Live]
Kenny Cash: Producer, Mixed, Mastered
Brenna McIntyre: Coordinator [CD Package Coordinator]
Gene Morell: Lighting [Concert Lighting]
Dennis Landau: Liner Notes, Photography [MartinPhotos]
Ioannis Art Direction, Design
Ioannis Artwork 
Kaitlyn Krasselt, Oct. 19, 2016:
NORWALK — Last week Martin Barre slept in his car outside the city of New London.
After more than 40 years in the music business, a Grammy award, and what is considered one of the top rock guitar solos of all time, even the former Jethro Tull guitarist couldn’t get a hotel room during peak leaf peeping season. Not that he seemed to mind.
“That’s rock and roll,” Barre laughed. “Life on the road.”
Barre was on his way to to play in Old Saybrook with The Martin Barre Band before making two stops in Massachusetts and finally landing in Norwalk Monday night, much to the joy of Jethro Tull fans who turned up for the sold out show at Factory Underground.
It was the band’s first and only — at least for this tour — acoustic show in the U.S., and included a medley of Jethro Tull hits and Martin Barre Band originals. For Barre, paying homage to the band that made him famous and maintaining his own identity outside of the British rock group is a fine line he’s willing to walk.
“I want to be my own thing,” Barre said. “I’ve got the knowledge, and the history that I’ve got musically with Jethro Tull and I’d never turn my back on it, but it’s important that we play a lot off the solo album ... it goes down just as well as the Tull stuff. I don’t want to be a tribute band so it’s a difficult situation because I want to have a parallel career as well.”
Barre was the lead guitarist for Jethro Tull from 1969 to the band’s dissolution in 2014. His signature solo on the 1971 hit “Aqualung” was rated the 25th best solo ever in the U.S. and 20th best solo ever in the U.K., and in 2007 Guitar World magazine rated it one of the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos of all time. He earned a Grammy for his playing on the album “Crest of a Knave” in 1988.
Barre showcased that intricate, melodic guitar playing for which he’s known Monday night, offering up U.S. geography and history questions between songs, and never missing a beat while joking with the dedicated Tull fans, many of whom had seen him play in the 1970s. And, though he’s a veteran musician, Barre said he was nervous to play the intimate acoustic show, a far cry from the electric shows they normally play.
“We’ve done a few in England and they are really good fun because it’s much more chatty, more intimate, we throw in competitions and quizzes ... I really like doing it and it’s a very personal experience,” Barre said. “I think it’s a nice contrast because the electric show is more about dynamics and excitement. The other side of the coin is we can play some very delicate, pretty music and it will sound really good.”
In addition to his work with Jethro Tull, Barre has played with many other artists including Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Gary Moore, Jo Bonamassa and Chris Thompson and shared a stage with legends like Jimi Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.
Barre, who turns 70 next month, welcomed the birth his second grandson the same morning he woke up in his car last week. After four decades in music, few would have blamed him for calling it quits when Tull did. Instead, he released a new album — “Back to Steel” — in 2015, and booked dozens of shows around the world.
“Toward the end of Tull’s career there was just no passion in the band and that became normal. When I started my own band I realized all those elements that just haven’t been there,” Barre said. “Jethro Tull finished five years ago and really I just had to start from absolute zero and I was just determined to get the Martin Barre Band established world wide ... I just want some of that back. That feeling is just part of me, my music and my life really, and I wasn’t ready to stop playing. I’ve got a great band, and musically it’s better than Jethro Tull ever was and the material we’re playing is just great. You just have to start from zero and work hard and I’m motivated to do it.” Martin Barre ©Alex von Kleydorff (22)
Fairport Convention:
INTERVIEW: By Chris McGarel (Prog) February 20, 2017:
Martin Barre of Jethro Tull performs at Factory Underground:
Photos above: Martin Barre, former lead gutarist with Jethro Tull and his band play his only U.S. acoustic concert during an intimate evening of music and stories during the series, Factory Underground Live, on Monday October 17, 2016, at The Factory Underground in Norwalk Conn. Alex von Kleydorff / Hearst Connecticut Media