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The Felice BrothersGod Bless You Amigo (2012)



The Felice Brothers  The Felice Brothers  God Bless You Amigo
Location: Catskills, NY
Album release: May 10th, 2012 on Fat Possum
Record Labels: Fat Possum (North America) / Loose Music (European) / Spunk (Australia / New Zealand)
Duration:     62:19
01 Sail Away Ladies     2:16
02 Dream On     3:30
03 How Long Must I Wait     3:57
04 Jack of Diamonds     2:13
05 Black Velvet Band     4:02
06 Lincoln Continental     3:19
07 Dead Dog     3:10
08 Her Eyes Dart Round     3:48
09 Red Mustang     4:35
10 44 Special     3:20
11 Panther at the Zoo     1:57
12 Honey in the Rock     3:15
13 Cumblerland Gap     2:30
14 Early Times     1:47
15 The Mating of the Doves     3:49
16 Been All Around This World     1:56
17 The Parting Glass     2:43
18 Mistral Boy     3:02
19 The Promised Land     4:28
20 Gulf of Mexico     2:36
Members: Christmas Clapton, Greg Farley, James Felice, Ian Felice, David Turbeville
Website: http://www.godblessyouamigo.com/
Band: http://www.thefelicebrothers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefelicebrothers
Main manager: Ravenhouse Ltd: general@ravenhouseltd.com
Press contact: Amanda Pitts: ap@cobracamanda.com (North America) / Loose Music : press@loosemusic.com (UK / European)
Reservé agent: (US) Andrew Colvin: andrew@groundcontroltouring.com (UK/EU) Ross Morrison: ross@primary.uk.com
Ξ God Bless You, Amigo is a collection of home recordings made in the spring of 2012. Due to a cloud of misfortune resembling in part the curse of Rocky Colavito, our home was nearly destroyed by a freak hurricane, our prized and seemingly immutable Winnebago was driven to the ground and mercy shot like an exhausted horse somewhere in Vermont (long may she stalk the golden highways of heaven), our lead guitarist, Wall Street Panic Snopes, was hospitalized for an acute skin disorder in a foreign hospital, and then in what seemed a perfect finale all of our amps sizzled out and died during rehearsal upon his return. 
Ξ This made us go insane with laughter and play our favorite song “Gulf Of Mexico,” which is also a known aid in exorcism, for what seemed like hours. The old fiddle tune had a strange power over the band but our management convinced us that releasing a four hour instrumental was a little too reckless even for us. After much deliberation we all agreed that we should play songs other then “Gulf of Mexico.” We all spit in our hands and shook on it. The material consists of eight traditional folk songs and twelve original songs that we've always liked but never had a chance to put on records.
The proceeds from God Bless You, Amigo will hopefully help us get a new tour vehicle so that we can come and play your town, or allow us to go into a studio and record a new album, as we have a lot of new material, or maybe just fix our amps. It's only a five dollar download, but you can give more if you are feeling philanthropic. God bless you, Amigos - The Felice Brothers
Ξ “…what separates The Felices’ mud-stomping folk from that of their peers is their no-winking honesty – the sense that these songs and the places and people they’re singing about aren’t literary devices but actual people doing their damnedest to rage against the growing darkness.”  –  Filter Good Music Guide, 2009
Ξ ... Here’s what’s already known about The Felice Brothers: they are a close-knit band of two brothers and three longtime friends, all in their twenties. They are self-taught, not one of them played an instrument prior to the band’s inception in 2006 when they started busking in New York City subway stations. The Felice Brothers have released three full-length albums; their last, Yonder Is The Clock, on Team Love Records (2009). The majority of their work was recorded in a converted chicken coop in upstate New York near their hometown of Palenville. Esquire, Filter, The New York Times, NPR, Spin, Time Out New York, Uncut, and Under The Radar have praised them, among others. They are on virtually constant tour in the States and overseas, and have performed at festivals including Bonnaroo, All Points West, Outside Lands, Langerado, and the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Recognized for their live show, The Felice Brothers will play for their audience come hell or high water; the foremost example is their transcendent performance at the 2008 Newport Folk Festival, where they soldiered on, unplugged, in the rain, and barefoot in the mud after a lightning bolt shorted their stage’s power supply.
Ξ Here’s what might come as a surprise about The Felice Brothers: their new and fourth LP Celebration, Florida is an exhilarating amalgamation of frightening horn sections, unexpected 808s, ambient synth lines, schoolyard taunts, booming, primitive drum beats, heavy bass lines, piano, violin, accordion, ringing guitars, rave beats, and sinister acid jazz that captivates and mystifies. Recorded in the gymnasium and theater of Beacon, NY’s old high school, the band explores a multitude of sounds and instrumentation throughout the expansive album. It’s inspired, imaginative, heady, menacing, passionate, and rollicking. Most importantly, it’s as steadfastly authentic as ever, expanding upon the dark, woozy undercurrent of ramshackle barroom blues, vaudevillian atmospherics, and surreal storytelling of their previous albums. Under The Radar wrote in a review of Yonder Is The Clock that The Felice Brothers find “inspiration and freedom rather than constraints in the traditions of folk music.” Celebration, Florida revels in this inventive, outlaw spirit; it’s the sound of a band that knows its roots and knows where it’s growing. It’s a group who just might expand the definition of Americana music along the way.
Ξ Celebration, Florida casts scenes of dreamy characters and stories interwoven like a block of primetime TV. Among the tales: a young woman who sets off to find a secret paradise; a teenager who enters a boxing gym in Catskill, NY; a late night host recounting his rise to fame to his honeybee while traveling in a private jet; shady degenerates who get lost in a mystery concerning a Honda Civic; a young girl who crimps her hair and spies her dead father driving down the road; a Wall Street scandal hits a little too close to home; and even a trip through space to find long forgotten Hollywood parties and hopefully make it back there in time to walk down the red carpet.

The Felice BrothersGod Bless You Amigo (2012)







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Tais Awards & Harvest Prize
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