Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn Sorey — „Uneasy“ (April 9th, 2021)

Malaysia flagWestern Australia flagUSA FLAG                      Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh, Tyshawn Sorey — „Uneasy“ (April 9th, 2021)
∑•∋  Zdržet se poslechu původního tria Vijay Iyer, které se poprvé objevilo na etiketě ACT, je záměrné. Miloval jsem Historicity (2009), ale především z těch dnů, ale toto je zcela nový den. Kontrabasistka Linda May Han Oh je velmi podhodnocená. Myslím, že bude snazší určit její část na kvalitnějším zvuku CD, až bude k dispozici. Její dotek je však v kontextu velmi lidský a ideální. Jak již bylo zmíněno v předchozím příspěvku, kromě originálů Iyer na tomto albu zahrnuje i zpracování skladby „Drummer’s Song“ Geri Allena a standardní verze „Night and Day“ Cole Portera.Vijay Iyer
Born: October 26, 1971, Albany, New York, United States
Location: Fairport, New York (a suburb of Rochester, New York)/Malaysia and raised in Perth, Western Australia/Newark
Album release: April 9th, 2021
Record Label: ECM
Duration:     71:50
01. CHILDREN OF FLINT (Vijay Iyer)   6:26
02. COMBAT BREATHING (Vijay Iyer)   7:51
03. NIGHT AND DAY (Cole Porter)   9:34
04. TOUBA (Vijay Iyer, Mike Ladd)   7:18
05. DRUMMER’S SONG (Geri Allen)   6:48
06. AUGURY (Vijay Iyer)   3:30
07. CONFIGURATIONS (Vijay Iyer)   9:28
08. UNEASY (Vijay Iyer)   9:12
09. RETROFIT (Vijay Iyer)   6:40
10. ENTRUSTMENT (Vijay Iyer)   5:06
Vijay Iyer   Piano
Linda May Han Oh   Double Bass
Tyshawn Sorey   DrumsTyshawn Sorey
•₼•   Vijay Iyer presents a powerful new trio, in which he is joined by two key figures in creative music, Tyshawn Sorey and Linda May Han Oh.  “We have an energy together that is very distinct. It has a different kind of propulsion, a different impulse and a different spectrum of colours”.
∑•∋  Repertoire on UnEasy, recorded at Oktaven Audio Studio in Mount Vernon, New York in December 2019, includes Iyer originals written over a span of 20 years, plus Gerri Allen’s “Drummer’s Song” and a radical recasting of Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.”
∑•∋  …The way Tyshawn Sorey above all punctuates the music rhythmically makes the trio distinctive. His use of mallets by the sound of it is quite distinctive and the way he emphasises the strong accents in a kind of padding~along~canter is unusual and keeps a lot of variety and interest throughout the trajectory of the piece. The decay after he uses cymbal that seeps into the pianism is beautifully recorded and adds urgency. There is a lot of coiled power in what he brings to the trio but it is more than that.
∑•∋  A lovely piece with approaching an Eastern scalar feel to the beginning and then a lot of development that delves into modal exploration harnessing a certain serenity and then eventually intensity. It’s Iyer’s most Ellingtonian statement in terms of poise and elegance within the compass of his own art.
∑•∋  There is a lapping, hypnotic, appeal to Iyer’s lead piano part. The way he manipulates the elaborate trill at the beginning is one aspect of his playfulness and how he can command atmosphere and by the end of the piece there is a sense of the achieved state of tidal cascade that makes logical sense but can’t be predicted as you listen. —
Interview, Robert Horvat: