Vikki Clayton It Suits Me Well [The Songs Of Sandy Denny] (1994, 1998)

Vikki Clayton   It Suits Me Well [The Songs Of Sandy Denny     Location: United Kingdom
Album release: 1995
Record Label: Sanctuary Records Fontana
Runtime:    66:12
Genre: Pop/Rock/Folk
Styles: British Folk/British Folk-Rock
02. IT SUITS ME WELL    4:11
03. NO END    6:07
04. FOTHERINGAY    3:25
06. A SAILOR'S LIFE    5:17
07. I'M A DREAMER    4:03
10. WHITE DRESS    4:03
11. JOHN THE GUN    5:19
12. ONE WAY DONKEY RIDE     5:50
14. THE SEA     4:48       Vikki Clayton – It Suits Me Well [The Songs Of Sandy Denny] Terrapin Trucking Truck CD 021 (CD, UK, 1994) //  
HTD Records HTDCD 83 (CD, UK, 1998)
Cover versions of Sandy Denny songs, played and sung by Vikki Clayton, accompanied by Ric Sanders (violin) and Fred “Thelonius” Baker (guitars).
The 1998 HTD reissue has three extra tracks with Vikki accompanied by Chris Leslie (mandolin and violin) and Dave Pegg (bass):
- One Way Donkey Ride (5.53)
- Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (3.41)
- The Sea (4.49)

On the face of it, this is either an act of heroism or foolheartiness — a tribute to a figure so iconic and universally lionized that following in her footsteps would seem to invite the sort derision that only the truest true believers can heap upon one another. But Vikki Clayton, who has filled in the “Sandy Denny role” at many a Fairport Convention concert, is quite up to the task. She opens this album with Denny’s signature tune, “Who Knows Where The Time Goes,” in sort of a throwdown to any potential detractors, and as on several other songs, her rich, confident vocals and understated arrangements carry the day. There are a few iffy touches, mainly in the electric filters and effects added to the bass and guitar, but overall this is a pretty strong record. Clayton herself is quite lovely to listen to.
William Armstrong  Guitar (Acoustic)
Vikki Clayton  Arranger, Composer, Liner Notes, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Sandy Denny  Composer
Bob Dylan  Composer
Malcolm Holmes  Booklet Design, Design, Layout Design
Tim Matyear  Engineer
Ralph McTell  Composer
Richard Paul  Photography
Rafael  Fretless Bass
Dave Swarbrick  Composer
Andrew Thompson  Digital Remastering, Remastering, Traditional  Composer
Mark Tucker  Engineer
Don Walker  Mastering
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview, by Bruce Eder:
Vikki Clayton has a lush, powerful voice and holds notes like nobody's business; and anyone expecting an acoustic album is in for a surprise -- oh, there's some unamplified guitar, but a lot of what's here includes some modest electric playing in between the acoustic guitar and the occasional fiddle accompaniment. Surprisingly, as much as she puts into her rendition of a signature tune like "Who Knows Where the Time Goes," it's on somewhat lesser-known numbers like "No End" and the title track that Clayton really takes flight, and the prettiest piece here may be "Fotheringay," with its gentle orchestral accompaniment. Other highlights include the hauntingly beautiful, stripped down "A Sailor's Life," limited to a voice and one guitar, and "Rising for the Moon." The 2000-vintage CD also features three bonus tracks, "One Way Donkey Ride," "Like an Old Fashioned Waltz," and "The Sea," with the latter, in particular, a match for anything on the original CD.  /  See also:  Chris Conway: Vikky Clayton page: / Full album: / Sandy Denny: It Suits Me Well (live):

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Vikki Clayton It Suits Me Well [The Songs Of Sandy Denny] (1994, 1998)