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Arto Lindsay Noon Chill  (1998)

Arto Lindsay • Noon Chill (1997)

Arto Lindsay Noon Chill
Label: Bar/None Records – AHAON-102
Country: Europe
Released: March 17, 1998
Genre: Electronic, Latin, Pop, Rock
Style: Leftfield, Art Rock, Bossa Nova
Review by Tim Sheridan
¶  This disc proves the adage that you shouldn't judge a book (or CD) by its cover: beneath a blurry and daunting photo of Lindsay as a soggy frogman, the more adventurous buyer will discover hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics. While Lindsay's voice is thin (and sometimes flat), his narcotic delivery is nicely suited to the pictures he paints. Check out the Brazilian flavors of "Simply Are" or the trance groove of "Ridiculously Deep," and you'll hear why this cult favorite has won the admiration (and guest appearances) of musicians like Nana Vanconcelos, Mitchell Froom, Peter Scherer and others. So put the cover away and let your ears be the judge. (All Music Guide) 
01  Noon Chill    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 3:35
02  Whirlwind    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 4:40
03  Simply Are    Levin, Lindsay, Monte, Moraes 3:40
04  Blue Eye Shadow    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 3:28
05  Mulata Fuzarqueira    Rosa 3:06
06  Ridiculously Deep    Cantuaria, Gibbs, Lindsay 4:08
07  Anything    Deyhim, Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 4:25
08  Gods Are Weak    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 2:36
09  Take My Place    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 4:14
10  Daily Life    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 1:31
11  Light Moves Away    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay 3:24
12  Why Compare    Gibbs, Levin, Lindsay, Santtana 3:34
13  Reentry    Cantuaria, Lindsay 3:35
14  Auguri    Lindsay, Monte, Moraes 2:06
15  [Untitled Hidden Track]  17:59   / Runtime: 48:02 
¶  Arto Lindsay • vocals, guitar
¶  Melvin Gibbs • bass, surdo, B-3, acoustic guitars,
programming, horn arrangements
¶  Andres Levin • programming, acoutsic guitars, B-3, keys, horn arrangements
¶  Davi Moraes • acoutsic guitars, surdo
¶  Peter Scherer • sampler and piano
¶  Nana Vasconcelos • repique, pandeiro, conga, shakers, Turkish drum, surdo, stand up kit, cymbals, sticks
¶  Ravi Best • cornet, trumpet
¶  Vinicius Cantuária • acoustic guitars (6,13)
¶  Vincent Chancey • french horn
¶  Gustavo de Dalva • atabaque, agogo and shakers (10)
¶  Sussan Deyhim • vocals (6,11)
¶  John Dryden • horn arrangements
¶  Marty Ehrlich • bass clarinet
¶  Mitchell Froom • claviola (5)
¶  Josh Roseman • trombone
¶  Ryuichi Sakamoto • prepared piano, keys, piano
¶  Fernanda Torres • voice (10)

¶  Produced by Andre Levin, Arto Lindsay, Melvin Gibbs             / Amazon.com's Best of 1998:
¶  For three albums now, Arto Lindsay has done his best to be a modern-day Antonio Carlos Jobim. Backed with subtle electronica sounds (yes, it's possible) and guitar, the ballads and bossa novas found on Noon Chill are some of his finest. Lindsay is at his best on tracks like "Simply Are," a jazzy number with great vocals that serenades your stereo speakers. Great stuff.   -- Jason Verlinde
¶  Amazon.com
¶  Even in Arto Lindsay's guitar skronk days, the tropicalia music he grew up with in Brazil remained a primary influence. Now with his recent solo albums, Lindsay's musical vision as a postmodern tropicalista has truly flowered. He tentatively explored bossa nova in 1996's O Corpo Sutil then boldly plunged forward by adding trip-hoppy beats and textures on 1997's Mundo Civilizado and to his remixes on Hyper Civilizado. This installment, Noon Chill, unites these adaptations and appropriations with his more discordant past. The results provide a climax for Lindsay's Brazilian trilogy, and his richest, most realized statement yet.
¶  Noon Chill starts with spare guitar and percussion rhythms, then overlays off-kilter sound treatments to provide depth and drama without adding distraction. Lindsay's quiet, warm vocals make up in phrasing and melodic subtlety what they lack in power. Sensual and often startling, Noon Chill introduces the unlikely joys of avant-garde make-out music. -- Roni Sarig

Arto Lindsay Noon Chill  (1998)




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