David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh & Mickey Hart

David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh & Mickey Hart (David & The Dorks, December 15–17, 1970)

USA Flag David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh & Mickey Hart (David & The Dorks, December 15–17, 1970)
∫   Opravdu vzácný a skvělý koncert. I když existují případy přetížených mikrofonů a nedbalého průzkumu (sloppy exploration), jakmile se kapela dostane do groovu, Garcia začne lítat..., a pak je to radost poslouchat, opravdu.
♠   Crosby, Garcia, Lesh & Hart (December 15–17, 1970) Afternoon Rehearsal & Live At The Matrix
♠   David Crosby w. Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia & Micky Hart
♠   Live At The Matrix December 1970
Location: Club Matrix, San Francisco, California
Date: 15–17th December 1970
Record Label: Keyhole/Glitterhouse Records
Album release: October 10, 2014
Duration: 55:19 + 62:55  => 118:14 min.
01 Alabama Bound      (4:10)
02 Eight Miles High      (6:06)
03 Cowboy Movie      (10:00)
04 Wall Song      (16:30)
05 Bertha      (15:07)
06 Bird Song      (3:33)
01 Drop Down Mama      (4:17)
02 Cowboy Movie      (9:53)
03 Triad      (9:51)
04 Wall Song      (7:54)
05 Bertha      (4:14)
06 Deep Elem Blues      (7:27)
07 Motherless Children      (8:56)
08 Laughing      (10:23)
∫  David Crosby: vocals, guitar
∫  Jerry Garcia: vocals, guitar
∫  Phil Lesh: bass
∫  Mickey Hart: drums
∫  During the rehearsals and recording sessions for If I Could Only Remember My Name, David Crosby and three members of the Grateful Dead — Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart — played three dates at San Francisco’s Matrix club, December 15th, 16th & 17th, 1970. These rare recordings, from an afternoon rehearsal and an evening live show, capture this unique configuration performing a variety of Dead, Byrds and Crosby material with pretty good sound considering the casual nature of the get–together. The afternoon session is a great, fly–on–the–wall band rehearsal, as Crosby leads the Dead core through arrangements of “Eight Miles High” and “Cowboy Movie.” While there are instances of overloaded mics and sloppy exploration, once the band gets into a groove, and Garcia starts to take off, it’s a joyous sound indeed. The fusion of Crosby’s and Garcia’s styles is more pronounced than what would eventually be heard on If I Could Only Remember My Name… and is all the better for it. Blissed out expansions of DC’s “Triad” and “The Wall Song” are a delight. The live show has circulated as the Dec. 15th show since it first surfaced, though the rehearsal is thought to be from the 16th, based on some of Crosby’s dialog during the tapings. The band alternately called themselves David & The Dorks, David & The Ding–A-Lings and Jerry & The Jets, but were originally billed at the Matrix as Jerry Garcia & Friends. There’s more Crosby in the archives.

In deutsch:
∫  Eher musikhistorisch als klangtechnisch wertvoller, dennoch nachhaltig eindrücklicher Mitschnitt eines bemerkenswerten Quartett–Konzertes vor kleinem Publikum im The Matrix, S.F.. Wenige Monate vor Veröffentlichung seines Solo–Debütalbums begibt sich Crosby mit den drei Grateful Dead–Mannen auf endlose Saitenausflüge, füllt mehr als 62 Minuten mit gerade mal 8 Songs, und gemeinsam nutzt man das gelassen großartige Improvisations–Vermögen. Hat man sich als Konserven–Konsument erst einmal an die mitunter dezent dumpfe Akustik gewöhnt, kann man sich von den wirbelnden Wolken davontragen lassen, die genialen Gitarreneskapaden genießen und den kreativen Königen blindvertraulich auf ihrer stilreichen Rock–Reise ins Nirvana folgen. Neben Songs vom Soloalbum (Cowboy Movie/9:50 und Laughing/10:40) und Crosby’s Hymne an die Dreieinigkeit (9:46) sind es Traditionals und Dead–Klassiker (Drop Down Mama, The Wall Song, Bertha, Deep Elm Blues), die die vier für psychedelisch-phantastische Saiten–Spielereien nutzen. Trotz allem: Ein flirrend faszinierendes Ton–Dokument. (cpa)

Label: http://www.glitterhouse.com/
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Lyrics, Cowboy Movie
Me and my good partners we were riding back to our camp
We were feeling very fine air was clear and slightly damp
We were riding back to have ourselves a party
To celebrate the robbing of the train
We were talking kind of low and lazy
About not having to go out soon again, oh yeah
You know we hadn't been back home two hours
We heard a hawk cry out in the night
And you know that's a signal from young Billy, who's our sentry
He's saying something here ain't exactly right, oh
So we quick grabbed some of our hardware
Stumbled out of our home
Two minutes flat we had found her an Indian girl all alone
And Eli said, "Let's take her back to the cabin"
I said, "You don't know she might be the law, yeah"
He said, smiling kind of nasty
"It ain't too damn likely she'll beat me to the draw", Oh yeah
We were walking back through the darkness
I heard the Duke, he's our dynamiter, say
He said, "What's your name, sweet little Indian girl?"
She said, "Raven" and she looked away
Right then I didn't trust her, no and I said so, oh no
Now, Eli, he's our fastest gunner
He's kind of mean and young from the South
He said, "Fat Albert, you're getting kind of old and weird now"
You'd better get your twelve gauge or shut your mouth and ass now?
And I [Incomprehensible]
Now Eli and the Duke they got down to it
They each wanted the Indian girl for their own
But when they finally got around to asking her
You know she said, ? She'd come to take young Billy home?
Eli said, ? He'd kill young Billy he'd kill the Duke
And probably me too, yeah?, the Indian girl said, "Go ahead now do it"
I said, "Stop it", and she bit my thumb nearly clean through
And when they finally started to break down the door
I smeared my face up with blood from my thumb, yeah
I laid down on the floor and played real good possum
You know I'm crazy but I ain't real dumb, oh no
Now I'm dying here in Albuquerque
I must be the sorriest sight you ever saw
You know the reason I'm the only man here to tell it                                        / Jerry Garcia, who passed away in 1995, would have turned 71 years old today.  To celebrate his life and times we’ve gathered a handful of great images from Jim Marshall’s vast collection of Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead shots as a little JMPLLC tribute.
•  There are some other very cool things going on around town to celebrate Garcia’s legacy, the Grateful Dead and a social and musical phenomenon that was kickstarted in the ’60s and just seems to keep on truckin’.
•   Most notably, musician Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule, The Dead) and the San Francisco Symphony are offering up an orchestral program tonight and tomorrow, Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration With Warren Haynes, that features Garcia’s original compositions and the classic standards that were also linchpins of Garcia and Grateful Dead shows. :: http://www.jimmarshallphotographyllc.com/Blog/?p=2547                        /  © Tři světla: Left to right: Jerry Garcia, David Crosby, Phil Lesh and Neil Young working on Crosby’s debut solo album LP “If I Could Only Remember My Name.” The album was recorded during 1970-1971 at Wally Heiders in San Francisco, CA.


David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh & Mickey Hart