Daevid Allen — Bananamoon Obscura No. 12:
Daevid Allen & Don Falcone — Glissando Grooves (August 14, 2006)

Daevid Allen & Don Falcone — Glissando Grooves (August 14, 2006)

       Daevid Allen — Bananamoon Obscura No. 12: 
     Daevid Allen & Don Falcone — Glissando Grooves
♠   “…A chance to make public a series of limited editions of my favourite moments of inspired musical and poetic creativity…” Read a brief interview with Daevid Allen regarding the Bananamoon Obscura Series.
♠   These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing. This is the twelfth of a 20CD series, each release a limited pressing of 1000 copies only — no more will be pressed.
♠   13.1.1938 — 13.3.2015
Also known as: Divided Alien, Bert Camembert, Dingo Virgin, Ja Am
Born: 13 January 1938, Melbourne, Australia
Died: 13 March 2015, Australia
Also known as: Don Marino Falcone, Spaceship Eyes
Born: November 5, 1958, Pennsylvania, USA
Album release:
Record Label: Bananamoon Obscura (Obscura No. 12) / Voiceprint
Duration:     57:57
01. Lionization      8:31
02. New Spell      4:37
03. Solar Campfires / Cellularphonics      5:52
04. Raksasha–Loka      4:23
05. Second Degree Soul Sparks      4:35
06. Darker Bows Of Rain      5:28
07. Elliptical Orbits (Purely Instrumental Mix)      5:37
08. Arc — A Real Creeper      6:35
09. Chaira Obscura (Chiaro + Clearu Audient Mix)      3:41
10. In Search Of Silver      8:38
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Review by William Ruhlmann
♠   The Gliss master with SFO Soundtribe 3 — the Spirits Burning Crew. What it says on the tin. Fantastic! Elegant west coast grooves featuring Daevid’s glissando guitar with the spirits burning crew from San Francisco arranged & produced by Don Marino Falcone. These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing. This is the twelfth of a 20CD series, each release a limited pressing of 1000 copies only — no more will be pressed.
♠   Daevid Allen was one of the founders of the British progressive rock band the Soft Machine in 1966. After recording just one album with the group, he became the founder/leader of Gong, which he left in 1973 to begin a solo career (though his first solo album, Banana Moon, was released in 1971 while he was still in the group). Allen explored his quirky, folky take on rock throughout the '70s and '80s on albums like 1976's Good Morning and 1983's Alien in New York. His solo work also included collaborations with underground rock impresario Kramer like 1993's Who's Afraid? and 1996's Hit Men, which was released on Kramer's Shimmy Disc label. Allen returned in 1999 with Money Doesn't Make It, followed a year later by Stroking the Tail of the Bird. Nectans Glen also followed in 2000. In 2003 Allen formed a new version of Gong with members of the Japanese collective known as Acid Mothers Temple, as well as playing and releasing material with his California–based band University of Errors. He continues to release numerous live sets and one–off collaborations in limited editions on various independent labels under his own and various group names. A best–of, Man From Gong, which only scratches the surface of his lengthy discography, appeared from Snapper Music in 2006. After a battle with cancer, Allen died in Australia in 13 March 2015 at the age of 77.
♠   Storm in a Polystyrene Teacup (update)
♠   including " The FUCK Poem " and " The SORRY Poem "
Greetings friends!
♠   In response to widespread enquiries I have attached the curious story of Stefanie and I being thrown out of the Woodford Folk Festival in the good old boy Australian state of Queensland at the end of 2008 for unrestrained POETIC use of that universal magick word affectionately known as FUCK.
♠   Apparently it is OK that people of all persuasions use FUCK in all walks of life EXCEPT in a poetic, humorous or imaginative literary performance.
♠   Such is life in the deep north of the sixth most retrograde, over regulated and childishly obedient nation in the world.
♠   If you imagine that, in Australia, at an apparently alternative folk festival, the festival organisers might have some idea of the popularity and breadth of modern performance poetry and its use of multi media in 2008.
♠   Given that I was partly responsible (see Machine Poets with William Burroughs) for the pioneering of multi media poetry performance in Paris and London ICA in 1962 and in fact represented Australia with the same show at the Paris Biennale of 1967, my treatment by Woodford Festival poetry organiser Shirley Friend seems just a trifle over the top.
♠   But then, as you see here, they wouldn't want to know about all that. They only seem to know about BUSH poetry and maybe also a little bit of SLAM poetry might be allowed....
♠   So welcome to modern Queensland alternative culture my friends.
♠   But dont you worry about that. There are plenty of pumpkin scones!
♠   Love and pataphysical belly laughs,
1963: Live 1963 (Daevid Allen Trio)
1971: Banana Moon
1973: Gong on Acid 73 (BMO Vol. 16, with Gong)
1976: Good Morning (with Euterpe)
1977: Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life
1977: Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977 (BMO Vol. 1, with Euterpe, released on CD in 2008)
1978: Mother (Gilli Smyth; Allen guests on a few tracks and produced the album)
1979: N'existe pas!
1980: Divided Alien Playbax (BMO Vol. 9, disk 2 released on CD in 2009)
1980: Divided Alien Playbax (BMO Vol. 8, disk 1 released in 2009)
198-: Self Initiation (BMO Vol. 3)
1982: Ex/Don't Stop (with David Tolley)
1981: Divided Alien Playbax 80
1984: Radio Art 1984 (BMO Vol. 14)
1988: Live Spring '88: The Return
1989: The Owl and the Tree (Mother Gong)
1990: Stroking the Tail of the Bird (with Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson)
1990: Australia Aquaria
1990: Seven Drones (VoicePrint)
1990: The Australian Years (VoicePrint)
1990: Melbourne Studio Tapes (BMO Vol. 10, with Invisible Opera Company of Oz)
1992: Who's Afraid (with Kramer)
1992: Live at the Witchwood 1991 (Magick Brothers)
1993: Je ne fum' pas des bananes (Daevid Allen / Banana Moon / Gong)
1993: 12 Selves (with singer Liz Van Dort)
1995: Hit Men (with Kramer)
1995: Dreamin' a Dream
1995: Bards of Byron Bay (BMO Vol. 4, with Russell Hibbs)
1998: Eat Me Baby I'm a Jellybean
1998: 22 Meanings (with Harry Williamson)
1998: Live in Glastonbury Town (BMO Vol. 11, with Magick Brothers)
1998: Solo @ The Axiom, Cheltenham '98 (BMO Vol. 15)
1999: Live in the UK (BMO Vol. 2, with Brainville)
1999: The Children's Crusade (Brainville)
1999: Money Doesn't Make It
2001: Sacred Geometry (with Micro Cosmic)
2001: Nectans Glen (with Russell Hibbs)
2002: Beauty the Basket Case (BMO Vol. 17, with Guru and Zero)
2002: "One Who Whispers" (with Cipher)
2002: Ugly Music For Monica (University of Errors)
2004: Makoto Mango (with Guru & Zero)
2004: Live @ the Knit NYC (BMO Vol. 6, with Nicoletta Stephanz)
2004: The Mystery Disque (BMO Vol. 7, with das)
2004: Altered States of Alien KWISP (BMO Vol. 13, with Altered Walter Funk)
2005: Sacred Geometry II (with Micro Cosmic)
2005: I Am Your Egg (with Gilli Smyth & Orlando Allen; Voiceprint — VP376CD))
2006: Glissando Grooves (BMO Vol. 12, SFO Soundtribe 3, with Don Falcone)
2010: Live in Brazil (Gong Global Family, Voiceprint)
2013: Tried So Hard (with The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, UK)
2014: Of Blue Splendour (Andy Bole, UK)
Website: http://www.daevidallen.net/daevidallen/index.html
GONG: http://www.planetgong.co.uk/
DON FALCONE: http://www.donfalcone.com/

Daevid Allen — Bananamoon Obscura No. 12: Daevid Allen & Don Falcone — Glissando Grooves (August 14, 2006)