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Esben & The Witch
And New Life Blossoms From The Ruins [EP]

Esben & The Witch — And New Life Blossoms From The Ruins [EP][2014]

 Esben & The Witch — And New Life Blossoms From The Ruins [EP] 
♠  This Brighton, England trio’s dark pop recalls Portishead, Bat for Lashes, and Kate Bush.
Genres: Post–punk, Post–rock, Rock
Location: Brighton, England, UK
Album release: 2014
Record Label: Nostromo Records
Duration:     23:18
01. A New Nature      2:54
02. Wood Church      2:21
03. Creeper      2:13
04. Those Dreadful Hammers (Ruins Version)      3:01
05. Dust      8:01
06. Bathed In Light (Ruins Version)      4:58
Esben and the Witch are:
Rachel Davies: vocals/bass
Thomas Fisher: guitars
Daniel Copeman: drums/electronics
♠  “The new music we have written has become an exploration first and foremost of what we can create while locked away in a small room with just our instruments for company. The songs are led by the primal beat of a drum and the rattle of cymbals. This heartbeat guides the guitars and voice, everything entwined, everything reacting to the sounds around it.
♠  “With Steve’s help, we will capture the live essence of the music we have written, push ourselves as far as possible and make the music as powerful as it can be. The songs are written and ready, the recording dates booked in, and we are asking for your help to support this adventure.”
♠  Un nouvel EP, comme complément à leur dernier album.
Website: http://esbenandthewitch.co.uk/
Bandcamp: https://esbenandthewitch.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esbenandthewitch
Press: Ivano Maggiulli <ivano@braceyourselfpr.com>
Agent: edthompson@theagencygroup.com

Esben & The Witch
And New Life Blossoms From The Ruins [EP]



6. 4. 2020


4. 4. 2020




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