The Orb — „Abolition Of The Royal Familia — Guillotine Mixes“ (April 9, 2021)

UK FLAG                                                         The Orb — „Abolition Of The Royal Familia — Guillotine Mixes“ (April 9, 2021)
∑•∋  Vlivný techno akt, jehož husté texturní zvukové scény kombinovaly psychedelii 60. a 70. let s housovými rytmy a dubovými basovými linkami. Patersonovy ambientní sety obsahovaly širokou škálu vzorků a zvukových efektů, od přírodních nahrávek BBC až po vesmírné vysílání NASA a speciální efekty. S těmito vzorky, míchanými s hudbou ambientních průkopníků (Eno a Steve Hillage), se jeho sety staly populární alternativou pro oběti tanečních parketů a opotřebované děti z klubu. Jednou v noci byl Hillage v místnosti, když Paterson ochutnal jeho album „Rainbow Dome Musick“. Poté se ti dva stali přáteli a později společně nahrávali, Hillage přispíval kytarou k singlu „Blue Room“ pro Orb a Paterson pracoval na debutovém albu projektu Hillage’s System 7 (nebo 777, jak je v USA známo kvůli problémům s autorskými právy u Apple).
Location: London, England
Album release: April 9, 2021
Record Label: Cooking Vinyl Limited
Duration:     88:27
01. Daze (BLM Remix23) (David Harrow Remix)   6:08
02. Queen Of Hearts (Duck or Drown) (Moody Boyz Remix)   6:24
03. Ital Orb (Iron Chair) (Gaudi Remix)   6:55
04. Narcotics (Head Crusher) (David Harrow Remix 2)   5:46
05. Slave Til U Die (Water Boarding) (Andy Falconer Remix)   9:02
06. Hawk Kings (Pear of Anguish) (Lost Stoned Pandas Remix)   10:36
07. Honey Moonies (Burnt at The Stake) (Paul Metamono Remix)   5:41
08. Weekend (The Judas Triangle) (Dom Beken & Kris Needs Remix)   9:34
09. Pervitin (The Saw Torture) (Violeta Vicci Remix)   4:12
10. AAA (Hung, Drawn and Quartered) (Violeta Vicci Remix)   6:05
11. Shape Shifting Part 1 (Youth Bring In The Clown Remix)   10:22
12. Off The Beaten Trax (Knee Splitter)   7:42Paterson, The Orb
∑•∋  The Orb release a companion piece to recent studio album Abolition of The Royal Familia with the gem~packed Guillotine Mixes collection. The new compilation’s concept echoes back to 1991’s Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions, which is a collection of versions predominantly by people who featured on the original Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld album.
∑•∋  Guillotine Mixes features reinterpretations of tracks from a host of familiar faces, most of whom also have credits on ‘Abolition’, including Youth, Moody Boys, David Harrow, Andy Falconer, Paul Metamono and Gaudi — collectively providing an expansive journey into dance music; from acid house and Balearic beat to techno and beyond, emphasising The Orb’s club DNA.
∑•∋  Longstanding On~U Sound collaborator and producer Dave Harrow delivers two deep trance cuts with Daze and Narcotics while Tony Thorpe’s production outfit and former KLF in~house remixers Moody Boys serve up a bass~heavy remix of Queen of Hearts. The adventure continues with maverick musician Gaudi who takes Ital Orb away from its rub~a~dub roots and throws pulsating esoteric beats into the mix.
∑•∋  The cerebral atmospherics of Slave Til U Die, reworked by early nineties Orb comrade Andy Falconer, brings the speed down to chill~out levels before The Lost Stoned Pandas — aka Sendelica’s spacerocker Pete Bingham and legendary writer/musician Kris Needs — drop a pumping take on Hawk Kings.
∑•∋  Elsewhere, Paul ‘Metamono’ Conboy, shifts direction with the Balearic monster Honey Moonies, before we’re treated to another banger from Kris Needs (fresh from finishing a book on The Orb) and Pink Floyd/Orb side~ project HFB cohort Dom Beken, who join forces on the sun~drenched Weekend.
∑•∋  Furthermore, violinist Violeta Vicci takes Pervitin and AAA into deeper, ambient territories, followed by Orb stalwart and Killing Joke bassist Youth, who teases out the metronomic Shape Shifting Pt. 1.
∑•∋  The LP concludes with a brand new Orb track — the digital~only bonus Off The Beaten Trax (Knee Splitter) — a prolific trip through deep and melodic techno.