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Arborea — Fortress Of The Sun [2013]

 Arborea — Fortress Of The Sun [2013]

Arborea — Fortress Of The Sun
Location: Maine
Album release: April 30, 2013
Record Label: ESP-Disk' ‎– ESP 5002
Duration:     48:13
01. Pale Horse Phantasm     (5:37)
02. Daughters Of Man     (4:51)
03. After The Flood Only Love Remains     (6:42)
04. Ghost     (3:49)
05. Rider     (4:30)
06. When I Was On Horseback     (3:28)
07. Rua Das Aldas     (1:47)
08. Cherry Tree Carol     (3:48)
09. Pale Horse Phantasm (Non Drum Mix)     (5:38)
10. When I Was On Horseback (Acoustic Demo Take 4) (3:12)
11. Daughters Of Man (Acoustic Mix)     (4:51)
Notable instruments:
•  OME Banjo, Dismal Ax Banjimer, Sobell Guitar
•  Greg Boardman  Bass (Upright), Viola
•  Buck Curran  Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Flute, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Lyricist, Mixing, Original Lyrics, Photography, Producer, Vocals
•  Shanti Curran  Arranger, Banjo, Composer, Engineer, Guitar, Hammer Dulcimer, Harmonium, Lyricist, Mixing, Photography, Producer, Vocals
•  Shylah Curran  Cover Photo
•  Jonathan Granoff  Layout
•  Anders Griffin  Drums
•  Michael Krapovicky  Bass (Electric)
•  Harris Newman  Mastering
•  Shanti  Banjo, Guitar (Acoustic), Hammer Dulcimer, Harmonium, Vocals
•  Shanti Curran: vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonium, ukulele, hammered dulcimer
•  Buck Curran: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, flute, Ebow banjo
•  Anders Griffen: drums on “Pale Horse Phantasm”
•  Greg Boardman: upright bass on “Daughters of Man” and “Rider” and viola on “Cherry Tree Carol”
•  Michael Krapovicky: electric bass on “After the Flood Only Love Remains”
•  Produced, Created, Recorded and Mixed by Buck Curran and Shanti Curran
•  Mastered by Harris Newman
Website: http://www.arboreamusic.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/arborea2
Press contact: arboreamusic@gmail.com (attn. Nicole)
Agent: US Booking contact Marshall Betts or Ryan Farlow at Windish Agency, Borne! Booking (Spain and Portugal) [http://www.bornmusic.org/booking/index.php], Pierre Temple (France) [http://www.laroutedurock.com/pages/artistes_art.htm] 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Arborea?group_id=0
•  "Shanti and Buck Curran are a multi-instrumental psychedelic folk duo based in Maine who draw inspiration from sources such as wind and water & poets and trees. Elusive yet intimate, quietly confident and close to the soil, their previous records have received praise from the Rolling Stone and BBC. The couple’s album Fortress of the Sun is all set to continue the journey and sounds like an Indian summer with a hunch of apocalypse.
•  The songs thrive on Buck’s versatile guitar melodies and Shanti’s ethereal vocals telling nature’s half-stories, glimpses of what has been and what may be . “Pale Horse Phantasm” is a comfortingly wuthering tune for spooky walks on cliffs, where you may well find yourself in want of a line such as “freedom fevers my skin” to describe the sense of exhilarating fear. In “Ghost”, the album uproots itself with a whispered banjo-led solo by Shanti. A similar turning point is Buck’s instrumental “Rue das Aldas” with a flute and acoustic guitars."
In french:
•  Du bon folk acoustique... avec une tres belle voix féminine.
•  Among the most artistically successful alchemists of Indie Psychedelic Folk, Maine-based duo Arborea consists of Shanti Curran (vocals, banjo, "banjimer" [a banjo-dulcimer hybrid], harmonium, ukulele, sawing fiddle, and hammered dulcimer) and Buck Curran (guitars, vocals, sawing fiddle, flute, and banjo). Weaving together strands of indie rock, Appalachian folk, psychedelia, and ambient music into what has been called avant-folk, Arborea's songs combine delicate beauty and mystical lyrics with the timelessness of ancient songs (sometimes literally, as they occasionally rework old folk and blues songs into new shapes). Fortress of the Sun is their fifth full-length album, and their first on ESP-Disk'.
•  Wayfaring Summer (2006), Summer Street Records
•  Arborea (2008), Fire Museum Records
•  House of Sticks (2009), Borne!/Darla
•  "Leaves of Life" (2009), Borne!/Darla (Arborea curated/produced compilation)
•  "We Are All One, In The Sun: A Tribute to Robbie Basho" (2010), Important Records (Arborea curated/produced compilation)
•  Red Planet (2011), Strange Attractors Audio House
•  "Fortress of the Sun" (2013), ESP-Disk' © Paris, France, April 2013 / Photo credit: Buck & Shanti Curran
•  Arborea's first major performance was at the Green Man Festival in Wales in August 2007. In November of 2007 they did a brief tour in Spain and performed at the Tanned Tin Festival in Spain that year. Upon returning to the US they performed on WNYC's Spinning On Air Program, with host David Garland. The session first aired in January 2008, and re-aired in November 2008. •  In December 2008 they travelled back to Europe and spent a month touring in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. Arborea's first three albums include their debut Wayfaring Summer released in 2006, their second Self-Titled album released in 2008 by the Philadelphia label Fire Museum Records, and their third album House of Sticks released in 2009 on Borne!   Recordings/Acuarela Discos which was distributed in the United States by Darla Records. Their first album was part of a feature article on New Psych Folk in a 2007 issue of Dirty Linen Magazine, where writer Lahri Bond described their music as 'Timeless' and 'Haunted by Deep Shadows', along with the 2008 issue of Dream Magazine, in which publisher George Parsons stated that their first release Wayfaring Summer was 'easily one of the best debut albums I've heard in many moons'. They received critical acclaim in 2008 from NPR producer Robin Hilton, who described their Self-Titled album as ‘an incredibly spare and beautiful collection of songs’, and Shanti’s voice as ‘hypnotically beautiful’, as well as receiving favorable reviews from the Boston Globe, and the British music magazine The Wire. In 2008 the duo was interviewed for both a Terrascope Online feature article, and the July/Aug 2008 issue of Italy’s Blow Up magazine. Upon release in 2009, House of Sticks received a glowing review from the BBC, and the duo subsequently recorded a session in London for the BBC 'World on 3' program with host Mary Ann Kennedy. That same year Arborea curated and produced a compilation record to help with important relief efforts in Africa such as the UN World Food Program. The compilation titled Leaves of Life was also released on Borne!  © The Shop of Guitar Maker Juan Alvarez, Madrid Spain. May 2013; photo: Shanti Curran

Recordings and includes notable artists such as Alela Diane, Devendra Banhart, and Marissa Nadler. The artwork for Leaves of Life was created by musician and artist Hanna Tuulikki. In 2010 Important Records released We Are All One, In the Sun: A tribute to Robbie Basho, a compilation cd that was created and produced by Buck Curran of Arborea. We Are All One, In The Sun features artists Meg Baird, Helena Espvall, Arborea, Steffen Basho Junghans, Glenn Jones, Fern Knight, Cian Nugent, and Grammy nominated Iraqi born Oud master Rahim Alhaj. The tribute made Acoustic Guitar Magazine's list of the Best Acoustic Albums of 2010, Top Editors pick for the December issue of Guitar Player Magazine, Mojo 4 Stars, as well as glowing reviews in The Wire magazine, and Pitchfork. In January and February 2010 the duo toured in France, Spain, and Italy. While in Spain they performed for the second time at the Tanned Tin Festival. Early in 2010 the duo did a cross-country US tour that included a SXSW showcase at St David's Church/Bethel Hall. Later that year Arborea toured the UK and Ireland which included performances at the Moseley Folk Festival in England and Body & Soul/Electric Picnic Festival in Ireland. Arborea's fourth album Red Planet was released on April 26 by the Oregon based label Strange Attractors Audio House. Red Planet received critical praise including 'Top Vinyl Pick' in the September 2011 issue of Mojo Magazine, 'Editors Top Pick' in the December 2011 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, and Rolling Stone 'Best Under-the-Radar Albums of 2011' as listed by senior writer David Fricke. Arborea toured again in Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, and Scotland in May and June 2011 which included performances at the Body & Soul Summer Solstice Festival in Ireland, Serralves Festival in Portugal, Gea Festival in Spain. They also did two Cinemascore concerts in Spain reinterpretting the soundtrack to the Jim Jarmusch film Dead Man for a live audience while the film was shown in Spanish subtitles. In the Summer of 2011 Arborea went on an extensive US cross country tour in support of Red Planet. While on tour Arborea performed at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, as part of the Artist and Author Series. In March 2012 Arborea showcased for a second time at Bethell Hall in St David's Episcopal Church for their official SXSW showcase. The showcase was attended by many senior music writers and DJs including David Fricke of the Rolling Stone, Jon Pareles of the New York Times, Bob Boilen of NPR, and Kevin Cole of KEXP. Subsequently Jon Pareles included Arborea in his review of SXSW for the NY Times. Bob Boilen included Arborea's SXSW performance among his NPR list of 'Favorite Concerts of 2012' and recommended live acts. In April 2012 Arborea was invited to NPR headquarters in Washington DC and recorded an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Arborea performed two shows at the 51st Philadelphia Folk Festival in August 2012 before headed on a short tour with California based singer-songwriter Mariee Sioux. Arborea's 5th album 'Fortress of the Sun' will be released April 2013 on the NYC based record label ESP-Disk' coinciding with the label's 50th Anniversary.

 © Arborea @ Teatro De Las Esquinas, Zaragoza Spain 15 May 2013 (supporting Low). Photo by Marticus Magnificus

Arborea — Fortress Of The Sun [2013]