Concrete Knives — Be Your Own King (2013)

 Concrete Knives — Be Your Own King (2012)

Concrete Knives — Be Your Own King
Location: Caen, France
Album release: October 29, 2012 ~ February 2013
Record Label: Bella Union
Duration:     34:14
01. Bornholmer     2:37
02. Happy Mondays     3:35
03. Brand New Start     3:17
04. Wallpaper     3:40
05. Africanize     3:09
06. Roller Boogie     3:35
07. Greyhound Racing     3:12
08. Wild Gun Man     3:08
09. Truth     4:04
10. Blessed     3:57
Morgane COLAS
Guillaume AUBERTIN
¶  At last! They have finally done it. French diamonds Concrete Knives have announced a release date for Be Your Own King, their long-awaited debut album. They are also teasing us with a listen of the first song from the record, Wall Paper (see below).
¶  The relatively low-key indie-pop Caen-based quintet played a few shows in the UK this year and last to promote their super happy, bold and sassy EP, You Can’t Blame The Youth. Talked about non-stop in France – enrapturing crowds with infectious vivacity and groovy rhythms – they proved to be something to look out for. So at The Upcoming we can hardly contain our excitement that they are now releasing a full length album with such a well-produced first track and cool album cover – they seem to have a knack for releasing interesting artwork; check out the EP.
¶  Wall Paper has a more serious, mature sound than the previous EP, though lead singer Morgane Colas’ cheeky, nonchalant attitude is still apparent. Slightly folk-infused, Wall Paper combines simple but loveable guitar melodies with a dreamy, instrumental interlude and an affecting hook that will have you listening over and over – leaving an insatiable craving for the new record.
© 2012 Bella Union under exclusive license from Aka Publishing
2012 Bella Union under exclusive license from Aka Publishing
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Concrete Knives — Be Your Own King (2013)