Jenny Moe
Mon Capitaine

Jenny Moe — Mon Capitaine [September 12th, 2014]

Norway                Jenny Moe — Mon Capitaine 
♠  Norwegian singer/songwriter Jenny Moe's debut singel stirred the attention of media enterprise Attitude, which led to a raw and inspiring music video from the desert surrounding Dubai, in a unique cooperation and united visions: work hard and make your dreams come true. It is also the first crowdfunded music video in the history of Norway.
Location: Oslo, Østlandet, Norway
Album release: September 12th, 2014
Record Label: Arch Records (ACT Entertainment)
Duration:     50:39
01. You, Me, War      4:17
02. Away This Time      2:59
03. Anyhow      3:52
04. Went Away      3:38
05. Mon Capitaine      4:31
06. New Waves, Tom Waits      5:10
07. Broken Bird, Little Girl      3:59
08. Don't Follow Me Home      3:38
09. Country Of Music, Country Of Love      4:47
10. With Sun Rays On Everything I Love      4:02
11. Arm's Length Distance      (4:31)
12. Chambre 12      (5:15)
2014 Arch Records
♠  Jenny Moe
♠  Are Kvamstad
♠  Kurt André Aase
♠  Magnus Hængsle
♠  Gunhild Hjermundrud
♠  Fredrik Eilertsen
About me:
♠  Living in Oslo, Norway, I am soon to release my debut pop album "Mon Capitaine". I have a great band, a great desire for traveling and a love and awe for the brain. 5th year medical student. Committe member of World Service. Proud to have made happen Norways first crowdfunded music video for Mon Capitaine, by Attitude Enterprises Dubai, and will continue in that style; meeting new friends to make happen new impossible projects with.
♠  Signed for the nordic region to ACT Entertainment.
♠  "When the last tone has been played and the ambience still lingers in the air, an audience remains very moved and infatuated by this musician."
♠  "She is already a master at creating the right ambience around her songs." — Hamar Arbeiderblad
♠  Jenny Moe est une jeune pianiste Norvégienne, c'est son premier album. A l'écoute du premier titre, on se dit: Une jolie voix, mais on risque encore de tomber sur un album pop formaté "mainstream". En fait, il n'en est rien, l'album est varié et révèle quelques belles pépites. A découvrir.