Suzi Quatro — „The Devil in Me“ [Japan Edition] (Jan. 22, 2021)

USA FLAG                                                                               Suzi Quatro — „The Devil in Me“ [Japan Edition] (Jan. 22, 2021)
⊥♦⊥ Ikona sedmdesátých let dokazuje, že i na svém 18. studiovém albu stále píše rock and roll v královské hodnosti. Musí to být velmi speciální vydání, které hrdě oznámila Suzi Quatro: „The Devil in Me“ Je to zatím nejlepší album v mé kariéře!“ Koneckonců, americká rocková zpěvačka by jinak takové superlativy jen těžko vyslovila. Nadšení Suzi pro její nejnovější nabídku má mnoho důvodů, přesněji dvanáct (+ dva bonusy). Protože album obsahuje přesně tucet skladeb, každá z nich — od úvodní skladby a titulní skladby až po finální „Motor City Riders“ — je skutečným vrcholem. Suzi vysvětluje. „Každé album má svou vlastní tvůrčí historii a já vím, že je nemožné úspěch plánovat. Ale Richard a já jsme si byli jistí jednou věcí: věděli jsme, že z nás bude zase dobrý tým“.  
Birth name: Susan Kay Quatro
Born: June 3, 1950, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Location: Essex and Hamburg, and sometimes in Detroit.
Album release: January 22, 2021
Record Label: Steamhammer
Duration:     50:59
01. The Devil in Me   3:26
02. Hey Queenie   4:09
03. Betty Who?   3:58
04. You Can’t Dream It   3:11
05. My Heart and Soul   5:14
06. Get Outta Jail   3:18
07. Do Ya Dance   2:45
08. Isolation Blues   3:36
09. I Sold My Soul Today   2:38
10. Love’s Gone Bad   4:26
11. In the Dark   3:09
12. Motor City Riders   3:54
13. Can I Be Your Girl (Bonus Track)   3:35
14. Desperado (Bonus Track)   3:40

Suzi Quatro 2019Review
by Lisa~Marie Ferla ⌊Thursday, 25 March 2021⌋ Score: ★★★ 
⊥♦⊥   Over 50 years into her career, Suzi Quatro could be forgiven for taking a break. And yet, last spring, staring down almost one hundred cancelled shows, her first instinct was not to put her feet up but to team up with her son Richard Tuckey on a new collection of songs as a follow~up to their recent collaboration on 2019’s No Control. With songs referencing imprisonment, darkness and solitude, it’s fair to say Quatro had the pandemic on her mind while pulling together 18th album The Devil in Me — but, unsurprisingly, her take on the isolation blues wears a hard rock sheen.
The album bursts out of the gate with a title track and string of songs that place it in the same lineage as her 1970s glam rock catalogue, all chugging bass and snarling vocals — before the first curveball hits five tracks in. “My Heart and Soul” is not just a soulful piano ballad, complete with gorgeous, Supremes~esque backing vocals — it’s a bona fide Christmas song, an extended take on a single released at the turn of the year. “I’m gonna love you ’til I break in two,” the ferocious rock n roll queen practically croons, her plaintive “need you home for Christmas” refrain dissolving in a flurry of sleigh bells.
⊥♦⊥   It’s the first of several changes of pace on an album which features quarantine~inspired barroom blues~rock (“Isolation Blues”), moody, sax~heavy noir (“Love’s Gone Bad”) and dark, sensual piano balladry (“In the Dark”) — but delivers them all in a voice that is unmistakably Quatro. If the “old and grey” heroine “holding onto visions of yesterday” in anthemic rocker “Hey Queenie” is intended to be even semi~autobiographical, so too is the “attitude screw~ya” strut of the song’s bassline.